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It’s El Niño Time! Save Water

Conserve water now El Niño is already in town, and a great drought seems possible, and so are water shortage, increasing electricity bills, poor crop harvest and hotheadedness on the road. Well, we can do something about our electricity bills. We can lower our energy consumption. Let us reduce our dependence on electric fans and …

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Keep Reading! (An article by Andrew Sercombe)

(Note: I love reading. It’s one of the hobbies I can stand for. Reading expands the mind and understanding of things. Here I share a great article from an English self-help/motivation coach, teacher and NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming) practitioner Andrew Sercombe. This is in his book 50 Ways To A Better Life Millennium Edition, Copyright 1999.) …

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My Reflection on James Altucher’s “33 Unusual Tips To Being A Better Writer”

Unusual ways to be a better writer from another writer This is perhaps the best post I have read about writing: 33 Unusual Tips to Being A Writer by James Altucher. Had it not for a friend’s friend who shared it on Facebook, I would have nothing to read and reflect about days ago. Thanks …

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