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Some 48G and Sakamichi Series idols who had graduated (and I will miss)

Idols come and go but the love remains I will never forget 2018… ‘twas the year a number of idols from both the 48G and Sakamichi Series groups graduated: Sashihara Rino, Yamamoto Sayaka, Ikoma Rina, and Nishino Nanase, among others. The major idol set to graduate this year is Nagahama Neru of Keyakizaka46. (Because she’s …

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AKB48 and Google+ in 2019

What had AKB48, the world’s largest pop group, to do with Google, the world’s most popular search engine? In December 2011, AKB48 inked a deal to promote Google+, the search giant social network. Under the deal, every member of AKB48 was given her own Google+ page where fans can interact with their oshimen – literally …

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