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fripSide and Four Years Later

AKB48 led to fripSide One interest leads to another, if you ask me. In my case, my interest for AKB48 led me to another Japanese music act, a pop-trance duo at that. Six months after I first YouTube-d AKB48 four years ago, I stumbled upon fripSide on the same website. I was browsing non-English music …

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Imaginary Article on fripSide’s Decade

Disclaimer/foreword: This is not a real article, just invented, thus imaginary. So due respect to fripSide (Satoshi Yaginuma, Yoshino Nanjo, and nao) and their long-time fans. Why such an article? Well, three years ago, I was transitioning from writer to coder, something I never succeed at. Because my heart belongs to writing, not coding, although …

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