Valentine’s Day feature: Single’s Day: more than a day, a journey

single at seaside

Image from Pixabay

February 14 – Valentine’s Day – is for the lovers as well as for the sorrowful who cannot handle being without a romance (or sex) part on such a day. The rest of the year belongs to people who appreciate their singleness.

Singleness: Every day like no other

Out of the 365 ¼ days of any given year, only one day (February 14 or Valentines’ Day) is set aside for lovers or just anyone spellbound by the charms of love. Ahh, love… like faith, fortune, and prayer, love is a form of magic that springs from the heart that believes. From the heart that believes, miracles overflow, which can only be sensed by people who believe. What has that got to do with the rest of the year that is not Valentines’ Day?

Plenty, if one dares to believe and count the possibilities… if one believes love is not confined to just one date or day of the year or is the sole possession of people who have someone to celebrate the occasion with… if one believes love is more than just romantic.

Any day – from January 1 to February 13 and from February 15 to December 31 (for emphasis) – could be a Single’s Day. Single’s Day? What a strange, newfangled notion it is, if there is one but seriously?

Indeed, there exists a Single’s Day, which could even be almost every day of the year just like almost every day is Children’s Day. (We have the __ of May for Mother’s Day and the __ of June as Father’s Day.) How come most people do not know about it? How come the day is not red-marked on the calendars? Why is there no mention of Single’s Day in the news or a Single’s Day sale at the malls? Why?

What’s a Single’s Day, anyway?

Should a day or all days that is not Valentine’s Day be set aside for (the benefit of) singles? In fact, do they even need one? Why and what for?

For the ever conscious… for people who are never on a rush… for lovers who want to explore love beyond the realms of romance and lovemaking and beyond February 14… for minds that believe there is much more to life than just romancing or meeting the demands of a relationship (romantic or marriage), a Single’s Day is a must – and it will be a day like no other.

What is Single’s Day? How will it be?

It is a day that no social media influencer, celebrity, trendsetter, religious or political figure could determine for or force upon the silent or clueless majority for it would only lead to a senseless commemoration of singlehood, an occasion at high risk of being blatantly commercialized by business owners, or a celebration without depth or purpose and without regards for singles.

Only a thinking individual – a single – could decide Single’s Day for him/herself, choose when to celebrate it, and determine how to celebrate it. One discovers Single’s Day only after a thorough reflection, when he/she acknowledges his/her singlehood is more than just status but something he/she should cherish like a precious pearl – and celebrate while there is (still) time.

For the ever conscious… for people who are aware that their singleness brings them infinite opportunities and possibilities… for the brave souls who do not fear being left out or coming last place, a Single’s Day is not only a day but also a journey (of sorts)… a mystery too. Eternal, it is.

single woman

Image from Pixabay

The essence of Single’s Day

No doubt, many people would get excited over the prospect of a Single’s Day because it will compensate for their lack of romance or give them the license to brag and feel happy about their status to put themselves in equal footing with the paired romantics. Well, any way is better than jumping off a high building in Makati Central Business District or the San Juanico Bridge or facing the firing squad at Rizal Park. However, they miss the point.

As mentioned earlier, Single’s Day is a journey one undertakes to find his/her place and purpose and uniqueness in these increasingly passionate times and among the many other who have closed their chapters on singlehood. He/she understands there is much more to life than falling in love with or marrying someone, making love or building a family. He/she recognizes the gifts that he/she could properly share while staying single (because there is a certain “magic” to it). He/she dares to move forward… travel into a great unknown… when his/her peers have stopped being singles.

Such thoughts encompass the name and transcend the conventional definition of singlehood. Thus, Single’s Day is also a mystery. No one can say for certain when it is or how to celebrate it. Only the mind knows and can tell. He/she has to go on a journey to understand what being single is all about… discover the gifts and responsibilities of singlehood… perform miracles… change the world.

girl with sparklers

Image from Pixabay

How to make the most out of Single’s Day

… or singlehood, in general? How to appreciate (the blessedness of) singleness? Here are a few tips:

  • Make your single life beautiful. Start living, stop sulking. Appreciate life, not complain about the trivialities. Find a new hobby. Create art. Travel.
  • Enjoy the present for the sake of the future. Have fun when you can – while you still can. Your future depends on what you do – and enjoy – today.
  • Know your deepest desires. In the depth of your hearts lies the will of the heavens for you… plans for you. The gifts you cherish and nurture in your singlehood will one day be used for the greater benefit of society.
  • Carry out your mission. A single’s mission is not only to him/herself but to his/her community, to his/her area of expertise. While he/she is still single, he/she can properly and truly carry out his/her mission and enjoy the fruits of his/her labor.
  • Love with your mind. The mind is the most terrible thing to waste and it is forever irreplaceable unlike the heart and relationships.
  • Nurture your “secrets” – while you still can. Because “secrets” add spices to singleness, which is the best time to make the best of “secrets”.
  • Cherish your friendships. Friends come and go, especially when they decide to say good-bye to being single. Love them while you still can and thank them for how they impact you as a single.
  • Work magic, perform miracles. Most people may not know it but there are certain “things” in life that are best performed while being single. As mentioned earlier, there is “magic” attached to it.
  • Release your potential. Do you believe there is “magic” in you, an untapped power sleeping within you? Awaken it. Release it. Believe in yourself. Prove your worthy of the gifts you discover.
  • Become a strong person. The song “Be The Strong Person” by SKE48 best said it:

Be the strong person

Be the true hero

Covered with wounds

Obtain the weight of glory with your hands

Be the strong person

Be the true hero

Stand up alone

For whom I walk

Toward this end of the road?

Change the world

What infinite possibilities singleness brings! What a glorious day Single’s Day is! A journey, a mystery it is, and eternal! All for the ever conscious single who will dare to travel and experience the different side of his/her personhood.

A single’s life is indeed an eternal journey, an eternal mystery. No one knows for sure what he/she will discover on the way.

Appreciate your singleness. Discover the joys and beauty of singleness. Appreciate the blessedness of singlehood. Singleness is a gift.


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