Miss Earth Angelia Ong, hurt by Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach’s win? My reaction


Miss Earth 2015 Angelia Ong (image from Rappler)

Miss Earth Angelia Ong overshadowed by Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach?

I do not always write about beauty pageants or beauty queens, but when I do, I criticize whatever bullshit I could find regarding the topic matter. Months ago, I had written a post about my opposition to a tax exemption bill for Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach. The nincompoops who proposed that, I hope they are now in the hospital, writhing in pain over a terminal illness. With due respect to Wurtzbach, she never asked for a tax exemption.

Beauty pageants victories are shallow victories. A win in an international beauty pageant cannot equate to a gold medal won in the Olympics, World Championships, Asian Games, or South East Asian (SEA) Games, not even a Nobel Prize or a medal won in a science and math competition.

However, I will take leave of my criticisms if my favorite Jpop stars take part in the contest. AKB48’s Haruna Kojima and Nogizaka46’s Nanami Hashimoto are graduating. Japan should field them in Miss Universe or Miss World. AKB48, Nogizaka46, and their sister groups have enough girls, blessed with beauty, talent, and special skills, to dominate all pageants. Their global fandom will throw their support behind their oshimen, not their own countrymen.

Enough of the long intro. I’m getting to the heart of the matter of this post.

Why Miss Earth Angelia Ong felt hurt when Pia won Miss Universe? Last year, the latter ended the Philippines’ decades-long drought in the Miss Universe tilt, just two weeks after the former won back-to-back Miss Earth titles for the country. Well, if you have watched last year’s broadcast, you would know how and why Pia was thrown into the limelight. She won the crown in an unusual fashion and created a history of sorts too.

Winning back-to-back titles in any competition is one thing, but ending a title drought is another. It’s a big thing. Just ask Barangay Ginebra San Miguel. Just ask Olympic silver medalist Hidilyn Diaz. Ask the Golden State Warriors. And don’t forget to ask the Chicago Cubs or the Cleveland Indians later.

People talked more about Pia’s victory than that of Ong’s. I’d talk about it too. People always love a title-drought ending story. If you are a PBA (Philippine Basketball Association) fan, you would know why people and media talked more about Ginebra’s latest championship than Purefoods Star Hotshots’ grand slam.


Angelia Ong crowned by fellow Filipina, Miss Earth 2014 Jamie Harrell (image from OPMB Worldwide)

Feeling bad for Miss Earth Angelia Ong

But after reading the news article from ABS-CBN, I feel bad for Miss Earth 2015. Of course, who wouldn’t? I know people and organizations who experienced the same sadness. If you are in the same situation as Ong, you couldn’t help but cry too. In a setting like this, there is the temptation to compare one’s self to another, and this could lead to envy.

To the beauty pageant fanatics, where were you when Ong arrived home from Austria after her win? To the management of Miss Philippines Earth, why didn’t you bring in the crowd to give Ong a queen’s welcome? A rousing welcome at the airport would be enough. There is no need for a motorcade. Welcome her with a band and a dance contingent, with flowers and media coverage. After all, it isn’t easy for the Philippines to win back-to-back beauty titles.

Or perhaps the management of Miss Philippines Earth cannot conduct such a program for Ong. Why not hire an events specialist or choreographer to plan out the whole thing? Why couldn’t they polish Ong’s visit to Malacañang to pay a courtesy call to the President?

Miss Earth Angelia Ong is human. She felt sad. She felt hurt and she cried over it. She was not given a grand parade. She didn’t I believe she questioned her self-worth too. She might have thought it was better not to win so she would not feel that way.

Miss Earth Angelia Ong’s reason for joining Miss Earth

But what I did, I went back to the reason why I did this. It’s not just about fame or about the attention, I joined not only for myself and my family but also for the advocacy of the pageant, which is protecting the environment.

Protecting the environment is a noble cause. Everyone can do their part for Mother Nature. Everyone can show their love for the planet in many different ways. Angelia Ong’s way was to join a beauty pageant dedicated to the cause.

But Miss Earth could have just joined a non-government organization or cause-oriented group. She could just join Greenpeace, WWF, Bantay Kalikasan or any other group. But if it is to stir up greater participation among the populace, if it is to bring greater attention to the matter, joining a beauty pageant could help the cause.

It is up to Angelia Ong to live up to the ideals of her advocacy. Her love for the environment should go beyond her reign as Miss Earth, as a beauty queen. She is, after all, a child of the earth like all of us.

She has her way of promoting environment conservation. It is up to her to live up her love for Mother Nature. Hope she has made the most out of her reign.

What’s next for the out-going Miss Earth? Endorse eco-sustainable transport. May she get her parade one day – in an electric vehicle.

To outgoing Miss Earth Angelia Ong, it is never an important thing to meet presidents or politicians. They come and go. They get replaced like diapers, so why pay them a courtesy visit? They could even be anti-environment. Prepare to meet the Creator and Mother Nature – they are the ones you should meet, not president Duterte nor former President Aquino.


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