“Thank you” from the heart and mind

While listening to music, I realized this blog is already four years old. FOUR YEARS OLD! This means a lot of things to me: memories, accomplishments…and pain.

It means I never stop writing. It means I never stop believing in myself, in what I can do. It means I never stop finding time to think, research, draft and write. It means I am never short of ideas, never fresh out of creativity, knowledge and strength. It means I always have something new to offer to people why drop by this blog every now and them. I never stop learning at all.

The longevity of this blog will not be possible to you, my dear readers and visitors. I never stop loving you.


Thank you to all readers and visitors (image from land8.com)

The past is always something to look at. The past is no longer a subject of emotion but of hope, of lessons learned, of the drive to do better, of he decision to move on. I revisit the last four years to put the “ghosts” in check, other than just to look for ideas, to remember some old stuff, etc. Of course, there is no avoiding I’d flip the pages of pain, loneliness and suffering – but I now leave them all up to the Lord Almighty. That’s the risk of looking back, but it’s not a bad thing anyway. The temptation to free the “ghosts” is great but to lock them up is greater. I revisit them past to warn myself in the present and to prepare myself for the future. I pray you revisit the past the same way as I do.

I would like to thank you, my dear readers and visitors, for giving me the opportunity to write, for giving me some of your time and peace of mind. May you never get tired visiting my blog and sharing the articles with others. I pray that in some ways I have inspired you, not just entertain you.

If it is not too much, may I request that you pray for me? Please pray that I never lose the will to write and the will to learn, that I will be able to sustain my creativity and always find new ways and new outlets to express myself, diversify my skills, open up to others, value life. Thank you then!

I look forward to next year, to the next four years. . .to forever. Let’s not stop learning along the way.

Again, thank you very much!






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