The Electrification of Transportation: A Must


Electric trike from Prozza (image from

A green, eco-sustainable, and electric Philippines

New administration coming. Anticipation for change is high, and people accustomed to the status quo feel their tension increasing. For the more than 16 million people who voted for the incoming president, we “non-voters” will be watching. We expect all of you to do your part for change, and we “non-voters’ will do ours.

As one of the “non-voters”, I will do my part for change even if it will be a long way to go. I will help promote the ELECTRIFICATION OF TRANSPORTATION in ways I can think of and do (starting with this post).


India’s first smart electric scooter, Ather Energy S340 (image from

Both out-going president Benigno Simeon C. Aquino III (Noynoy, Pnoy, BS Aquino) and transportation and communication secretary Emilio “Jun” Aguinaldo Abaya have accomplished little to nothing about electric vehicles and alternative fuels and energy sources to power vehicles and electric grids. BS Aquino even downplayed solar and wind energy yet he had the gall to attend the inauguration of a solar plant. What a president! He probably overdosed himself with nicotine and played too much video games. But we should not expect the president and his minions to do everything for us, right?

So what I am going to do? I find ways:

  • Talk to private car owners and taxi and public utility vehicle drivers about electric vehicles.
  • Talk to motorcycle and bicycle owners about electric motorcycles and scooters.
  • Promote on social media the different brands and models of electric vehicles.
  • Promote the profile and products of countries that mass adopt electric vehicles.
  • Share on social media and bookmarking sites articles, visuals, and videos pertaining to electric vehicles.
  • Comment and react on social media.
  • Fight against the corporate greed and exploitation of oil companies and members of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC).
  • Ride public utility vehicles that run on electricity or alternative fuels like natural gas and hydrogen fuel.
  • If finances willing, own an electric vehicle, perhaps an electric scooter or self-balancing scooter.

Of course, I will perform my part for change with an open mind. I will carry out discourse in a civilized manner, within reason, and with the utmost fairness and objectivity. I will not rush. I will not be brash.


People using Ninebot self-balancing electric scooters (image from

Electric is the future

The electrification of transportation in the Philippines will not happen overnight. It will be a long tough work. Incoming president Rodrigo Roa Duterte (Rody, Digong) could still be driving his bike on oil-based fuel and internal combustion engine by the time his term expires in 2022. Many celebrities and politicians will still prefer the luxury of gasoline-powered cars over electric cars, and lawmakers will not pass any bills regarding the matter, probably due to lobby (and money) from oil companies. Should the Philippines push for full electrification and the use of solar and wind and alternative fuels for power generation, Saudi Arabia might not be pleased and in response, could deport all our contract workers there. Electrification will pass through many hurdles, but it will be worth the fight.


Chevrolet Volt electric car at a charging station (image from

The use of oil-based fuels by vehicles and of coal by power generation plants contribute to the worsening air pollution problem in the Philippines. We ordinary consumers are at the mercy of oil companies like Shell, Petron, and Chevron (Caltex). It is time we curb pollution and our dependence on (foreign) oil. By doing so, we not only protect our health and Mother Nature, but also keep the billions of pesos (or dollars) that could have went offshore.

If the Congress under Duterte cannot pass the legislation on the freedom of information, anti-political dynasty, and SSS pension hike, it may do to pass a bill on the mass adoption of electric vehicles.

If Duterte and his supporters will not be up to task on the electrification of transportation, I expect incoming vice-president Maria Leni Robredo or Senator Manny Pacquiao to take the job.


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