Why do we read (and why we need to read)?


Four guys, four books, one moment. (image from gigaom.com)

Why read?

We must read because in the end, we are basically alone. – Cito Beltran

Reading is the most favorite past-time for folks who go against the flow. Reading is the life and livelihood of people who shun the company of their fellows, reject the pleasures of society, and rebel against trends that don’t make sense.

In short, reading is the hobby of true introverts and committed rebels, not fakers who fancy in the comforts and slave themselves to the trends of the current world.

Okay, so why do we read? And why do we need to read? To pass the time? To invest in our mind? To smell the pages? To shake the dust off the cover? To find some silverfish?

Or is it because it is the only thing we can do?


A young lady preoccupied with reading (image from http://www.lifehack.org)

We read because it is a noble deed. It is a ‘spiritual’ exercise and a mental workout of sorts. It is your ‘alone’ moment, the very thing every stressed person desires. Reading is best done when one is alone.

What is the best reading environment? This will depend on oneself. No two minds are alike. One will love to read in a coffee shop while another one prefers the park. It’s just anywhere, as long as inspiration and motivation abound. Whether it’s a noisy train station or a secluded nature spot, the environment should be conducive to one’s reading habits. Nothing should get in the way of reading.


Elephant herder takes the time to read. (image from stevemccurry.wordpress.com)

Reading is a great equalizer. The deed helps us to compensate for our lack of certain experiences and privileges in life. We may not have the experience and things that other people have, but we have reading time and comprehension skills. When we get to appreciate what we read, we fare better than those people who are fortunate enough to possess or experience those things first hand.

We read to be different. We read to avoid becoming like other people. We read to become better persons.


Girl reading in a bookstore (image from http://www.huffingtonpost.com)

We read to tackle unexplored, under-explored, and forgotten subjects. We read to experience new moments, celebrate new discoveries, hail the achievements of the great unknown and forgotten.

We read because we are able to find the moment to read. We read because we love to.

We read to recover from the hurt. We read to erase the pain. We read to regain our lives.


Girl reading in the park (image from http://fmuweb.com/rjordan/)

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