Celebrating two years of love: My favorite Nogizaka46 Songs


Promotional poster for the band’s first album, which was released last year.

Love for Nogizaka46 merits a celebration

This month, I celebrate my 2nd year as a proud Nogizaka46 fan. And I want you, my dear reader, to celebrate it with me. If you’re a fan of the group, I bet you could relate and would not hesitate to share in my happiness. But if you haven’t heard of them yet, I invite you to listen to them – and love them.

Why I hold such devotion to this girl group? Because they are young and pretty? Because they’re more talented than AKB48 and SKE48 combined? Because their songs are better than those of all the 48s?

I cannot recall why I was drawn to them. It took me more than a year to give them a listen after I first heard about them in 2012. But I remember how I did become a fan.


Nogizaka46 promotes their first album. 

It was one boring day at work. I felt lazy. I somewhat lost the will to work after my teammates left the company. They were the best workmates I ever had. I could have left too, but decided not to due to economical and practical reasons.

It could have been around late morning or noon when I slacked off that day. I was visiting non-work related websites when the thought of Nogizaka46 came into mind. A few days had passed when I learned Matsui Rena of SKE48 was given a concurrency in Nogizaka46. I wanted to know what makes AKB48’s official rival group tick and how Miss Rena would fit in. The rest is history.

So to celebrate this special event, I came up with a list of my favorite Nogizaka46 tracks, all certified LSS. In alphabetical order…


Harujion ga Sakukoro – The ultimate remembrance song. A song with a “heart”. This is the tune to celebrate a special person’s existence and cherish the memories about them. A worthy comparison would be AKB48’s “Sakura no Hanabiratachi”.

Inochi wa Utsukushii – In my opinion, this is something AKB48 or SKE48 are capable of singing about. I cannot imagine Nogizaka46 singing a material like this, but Nishino Nanase and company killed the track. The gals have truly matured. But why do I sense dark aura every time I listen to this song?

Muhyoujou – This is a song you could play in a Fairy Tail guild, if you know what I mean. No holds barred. The music video may be lousy, but the song is very good, even becoming one of my LSS tunes last year. I give the Karaage Sisters‘ coupling song 3.8 out of 5. If I ever got the chance to take both Ikuta Erika and Matsumura Sayuri on a date, I will have them choose between a fastfood restaurant and a shooting range. 

Kidzuitara KataomoiSKE48’s Matsui Rena to have a concurrent position in Nogizaka46? A shocking news headline in the consciousness of Nogizaka46 fans two years ago. Truth is, I was shocked at such a controversial move, and I greeted the news with disdain. However, after watching her perform the song with the group, my perception changed. She got along well with the original members, her beauty complimented the group’s beauty-laden roster, and she was in my most favorite Nogizaka46 song. I like her better in Nogizaka46 than in AKB48.

As for the song, not much of a tearjerker, I admit, but it’s well-sung. I consider it as one of the group’s trademark songs, perhaps their most sophisticated track.

Kyuushamen – If there’s a song that’s perfect for saying goodbye to daytime in the countryside while traveling back to the city in a convertible, then this is it. A song for welcoming the sunset, you could say. I don’t know why I have such perception for the song, but it’s very Nogizaka46-y.

Nandome no Aozora ka – My most favorite Nogizaka46 track and the song that got me mushy over the group’s pianist Ikuta Erika. This is a song I hold dear in my heart because the beautiful Matsui Rena is one of the selected members in the track. Indeed, it happens to be the best non-SKE48/AKB48 song that I can associate Miss Rena with. The lyrics of the song helped me go through hard times when I was lonely and unemployed two years ago.

Otona e no Chikamichi – This would make as a great soundtrack to a coming-of-age movie of a girl who is falling in love with a boy who does not know she exists. I suggested playing this song in a great sunny Wednesday morning.

Sekai de Ichiban Kodoku na Lover – The song that started it all. This is the track that got me go gaga over Ikoma Rina and company. For someone who is looking forward to a life after a bad break-up or a failed romance, this song is motivation. There is always pride in being the world’s loneliest lover.

Senpuuki – This is not Nogizaka46’s song. This is Saito Asuka‘s song. Case closed. As of this writing, I’m enduring the extreme summer heat.

Sukima – A very sweet track. This could be the group’s most touching song.

Watashi no Tame ni, Dareka no Tame ni – One of my two most favorite songs from Nogizaka46. This could be the group’s best song ever, if you ask me. Listening to this song gives me a great feeling of peace and calm, with a dose of sweetness in my heart. Some nights I would play this song before I go to sleep. If only Shiraishi Mai would kiss me goodnight…


My dear reader, I hope you like my list. If you aren’t a Nogizaka46 fan yet, why not listen to them today? It’s never too late to love them. To Nogizaka46 fans, I hope you celebrate your love for them even in simple ways.



  1. I would be a bigger fan if Sony let the videos be played on YouTube in the USA
    : (

    • Is there any other site where you can watch the vids? Have you checked out jpopsuki TV?

      • Thanks, but jpopsuki site will not load for me very well.

        The site always gives me a “bad gateway error” no matter what computer or operating system I used.
        I don’t know why.

      • I feel you about the jpopsuki site. At my end, the site tends to buffer.

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