Politicians in the Philippines: It’s time to drag them to hell (Part 2)

(Second of two part. Read Politicians in the Philippines: It’s time to drag them to hell (Part 1)

evil politicians

Evil politicians lurk in the dark (Image from http://www.funonthenet.in)

Filipino politicians should be punished

People who have watched The Purge series are familiar with the concept of the purge: Kill to release the beast within. Purging is a cathartic way to release aggression, a better way to “cleanse our souls”… one night a year when all crime are legal.

What about The Hunger Games, pitting people against each other to kill to survive to win?

Same verb: KILL.

In the Philippines, there is a certain use for the purge or the hunger games. They can be instruments to use against evil politicians, their families, and their supporters.

These folks have long made the blood of certain individuals boil. The latter can no longer contain the deep hatred that is building with them, the demon that is about to rise from them. In no time, these individuals will be forced to kill, to resort to violence in order to bring forth an effective and competent system run by competent and righteous leaders.

The ruling folks and their henchmen are forcing these certain individuals to release the beast against the will.

There will be a time when certain individuals will band together to end the madness and the bullshit that evil politicians and their supporters have caused. These people, gifted in their respective fields, will use their talents to rally fellow affected folks behind their cause.

Some time in the future, the country will not be in the hands of political dynasties and their supporters, but in the few. They will give birth to a future government that will be run only by the few who prove themselves as competent, effective, just, objective, and righteous, with faith and reason, before the heavens.

What punishment looms for evil politicians, their families, and their supporters? Death, in the styles of The Purge and The Hunger Games.

Should the certain few succeed in taking over the country, they will round up the “offerings” or “tributes” (whatever term there is) and send them out to their death.

In the style of the Purge, the condemned will be selected in a lottery. Those selected will be released and made to roam in a “hunting ground” where purgers, affected folks also selected in a lottery, will purge them to their satisfaction.

In the style of The Hunger Games, the movie’s selection process applies. The twist: The fate of the lone survivor will be decided by a lottery pick. If the lottery pick chooses life, the survivor walks free and be allowed to integrate in the new society. If death, the lottery pick chooses the manner of death that the lone survivor is to suffer.

Brutal, huh?

No! It’s payback. Pure and simple.

Evil politicians, their families, and supporters have been living in heaven for a long time. It is time a certain few from hell rise up and drag these people to hell. It is time the affected release their aggression on the people responsible for their suffering.

That time will come!











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