Politicians in the Philippines: It’s time to drag them to hell (Part 1)

election campaign philippines

Political candidates fooling the voters (Image from http://www.negroschronicle.com)

Filipino politicians are a great plague

Some politicians cheat their way to power. Some through violence. Many through nepotism, family ties, fame, corporate sponsorship, celebrity endorsement, and necropolitics. Many through sales talk and sweet talk.

To some it up, politicians in the Philippines rise in to power by exploiting the resources of their constituents. Worse, they capitalize on the hopelessness, ignorance, and blind loyalty of their followers, who are like the people that support fundamentalist preachers that preach violence against non-believers.

celebrity endorsements for Philippine political candidates

Candidates place their celebrity endorsement bets. (Image from http://www.rappler.com)

These politicians in the Philippines, they deserved to be bludgeoned.

It is election time in the country that masquerades itself as a paradise. The leeches, the devils are out again to fool the populace and sell them recycled promises, second-hand solutions, low-quality services, and poor customer service. They enrich themselves, their loved ones, and their supporters with the people’s taxes and Mother Nature’s gifts.

These incompetents, they have abandoned public service, yet would not (and will never) relinquish their position of power. These vile creatures are playing into the hearts and minds of a hopeless and helpless nation.

political dynasties in the philippines

Politics in the Philippines is a family affair. (Image from emongsjournals.blogspot.com)

It is always the same every election year. We have done nothing about our leaders who use the people’s taxes and nature’s resources to make themselves and their families rich and powerful. They are selling the country to the devil.

This has got to stop.

It is time certain individuals take the initiative to make politicians, their families, and their supporters pay for their crimes. It is time they be held accountable for the disasters they bring to the Philippines.

Politicians should be tried for their corruption and ineptitude. Their families should be imprisoned, if proven they have benefited from the corruption and terror of their relatives in power. Their followers should be punished for electing them to power.

They will be forced to pay.

By their blood.










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