Philippine general election 2016 and the Vote Good Manifesto

Presidential candidates for Philippine election 2016

Aspirants for the presidency: Binay, Duterte, Poe, Roxas, and Defensor-Santiago

Philippine election is troubled times

I would like to share to you a manifesto from a civil society group that was active during the 2010 general elections in the Philippines. It was the election that put the current president, Benigno Simeon Cojuangco Aquino, in power.

To his critics, Noy-noy or Pnoy, as he is called, had shown great incompetence and weak leadership during the Luneta Park hostage crisis of 2010, the Sabah siege of 2013, the Yolanda disaster of 2013, and the Mamasapano Massacre of 2015. He claimed for his own administration the economic successes that were made possible due to the efforts and groundwork of the previous administration, which he always blame for the troubles of his own.

Critics will remember Aquino as one of the worst and most insensitive leaders in Philippine history.

The vice-president, Jejomar Binay, also did not escape criticism. Critics assail him for graft and corruption that allegedly took place during his tenure as mayor of Makati City. He is said to have amassed ill-gotten wealth and even owned an air-conditioned piggery. Often times, critics hit him for his skin color and short stature.

What about the candidates for the presidency and vice-presidency? Interior and Local Government secretary Manuel “Mar” Roxas is an actor, but he’s not a star. He’s insensitive too, like his boss. His running-mate Leni Robredo allowed herself to be used by the Liberal Party. She just went with the flow, basking in the glory of her late husband – just how the president did with the demise of his mother.

Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago has yet to jump off an aircraft. I cannot accept that she lied. She should have the balls (or vagina) to fulfill her promise.

Senators Gregorio “Gringo” Honasan and Antonio Trillanes IV have yet to pay for the damages and show remorse for their actions they had caused before they got elected for public office. Special mention for Trillanes who loves gun-totting action in expensive hotels.

Senator Grace Poe is taking advantage of her late father’s popularity to land the highest position in the country. She does this with deception. She once abandoned her nationality for American citizenship, and then abandoned the latter to pursue politics. Is she a nobody in America that she returned to the country to become a somebody? What a witch woman!

About Senator Francis “Chiz” Escudero, hope he is not using his famous wife’s fame to win the position of decoration.

Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte could be the guy for the presidency. Rody or Digong, as he is called, has proven himself to be an effective leader and a wise diplomat. However, I have doubts about his running-mate Senator Alan Peter Cayetano. It’s obvious that this Cayetano person is just using Duterte for his own political ambition, just as he has used others before.

Senator Bongbong Marcos will fail in his return to the Palace. People still remember the horrors of Martial Law. He cannot be held accountable for the crimes of his father and the pompousness of his mother, however. But he should do something about that. He should at least admit and regret the shortcomings of his father.

Who are you going to vote? Superman or Batman? Captain America or Iron Man? Choose wisely!

Hope you will take the time to read the “manifesto” below and reflect over its message. Examine your candidate. Will he/she die for the people?

Vote Good Manifesto

Can a vote fix a pothole?

Unclog the drainage in a street?

Provide safe drinking water?

Or reduce crime and corruption?

Many think not.

It is, after all, such a heavy load

and a huge task

for such a little vote.

But think of it as a voice. Your voice.

One that says “No.”

to all the problems that plague us today

And “Yes” to change. Yes, to what really is good.

Think of what is good, not just for you

but for everyone in your home

in your neighborhood and in your town,

in your parish, in your country.

Think of what is good and your voice becomes bigger

Think of everyone’s good and your vote becomes stronger,

less prone to the illusion of empty promises,

the threats of promises and allure of purchase.

You are not alone,

There are others like you

who also crave for change,

who are dreaming of what is good.

And when we bring to government

the right people for the task.

We bring in those who will make a difference,

the change we’ve been waiting for.

Because a vote fills not just a pothole,

but the need for better planning.

It unclogs not just the streets during floods,

but the path to development.

It provides not only clean water to drink,

but the idea of nourishing society.

It rids us not just of crime and corruption,

but the very though of greed.

And that, is good.

My fellow countrymen, please vote wisely!











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