Tax exemption for Pia Wurtzbach? What the hell! Unfair!

Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach of the Philippines

The crowning of Pia Wurtzbach as Miss Universe 2015. Getty Images

No tax exemption for Pia Wurtzbach, puhleez

However, Miss Universe 2015 never asked for such a privilege – a privilege that should be made available only to a select few.

But how important is that honor brought by Pia Wurtzbach to the Philippines?

Is it more important than a first place finish at the FIBA Asia Championship, which our national basketball team Smart Gilas Pilipinas failed to win for us?

Is it more important than a Nobel prize, which an individual Filipino has not won yet?

Is it more important than an Olympic gold medal?

Is that Miss Universe win more important than the victory scored by Filipino schoolchildren at an international math competition in Malaysia?

I sometimes wonder what kind of brain our lawmakers have. They should have proposed something better, like:

  • Tax exemption for teachers and medical professionals who serve in the hinterlands
  • Tax refund
    • for unmarried and childless government retirees
    • for childless couples
    • for Filipinos who adopt
  • Tax incentives
    • for foreign-owned businesses that employ 50 or more Filipinos
    • for legal residents who adopt Filipino children
  • Tax deductions
    • for professionals in the sciences, literature, and the arts (local-based only)
    • for care professionals in orphanages and elderly care facilities
    • for sportspeople who serve in government

These tax exemption proposals are better than the one for Miss Universe, aren’t they? I hope I see these proposals made into laws before I die.

Noynoy Aquino and Pia Wurtzbach

The president and the beauty queen.

Should that tax exemption for make its way to the Palace, President Aquino will be more than happy to sign it into a law. The bloke, he has a crush on the lady. The loser: We Filipinos who struggle to pay tax.

Suggested readings:

House approves bill exempting Pia Wurtzbach from taxes

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