A Few Things About Christmas

christmas party adult

Christmas party (Image from metro.co.uk)

The state of the modern Christmas

The Christmas air is now polluted, not to mention commercialized.

Christmas is the most anticipated celebration of the year. Churches are busy to remind people about Christ’s nativity. Businesses are ready to shell out billions worth of merchandise for the shopping public.

Binge drinking in United Kingdom on Christmas Day

Binge drinking in United Kingdom on Christmas Day (image from http://www.mirror.co.uk/)

Some in the anti-Christmas society will not give in to the spirit of the season. Critics will find every means and opportunity to bash Christmas in the name of (their) religion or ideal, but are ready to receive their bonuses and gifts, and file their vacation leave. The bastards!

Time changes, seasons too, and so is the attitude to celebrate Christmas.

Santa Claus

Santa Claus is the center of celebration. He takes over Jesus Christ‘s place in the mantle of the Yuletide season. Santa Clause is a propaganda tool of the capitalists, of businessmen who have high regards for Mammon, so we see why religion is kicked out of the celebration.

jesus christmas santa clause christmas

Jesus Christmas vs Santa Claus (Image from ghym.blogspot.com)

Christmas used to be a religious feast, but now it a secular holiday. I barely celebrate religious feasts myself, but to kick Christ out of Christmas is like kicking Jose Rizal out of Rizal day, the turkey out of Thanksgiving.


Don’t go asking me for gifts if you can’t give me one. The nerve of some people to ask for gifts when:

  1. Their religion did not permit them to celebrate Christmas.
  2. Despite their riches, they can’t even give me one.
  3. They don’t understand my financial situation.

Gift-giving should come from the heart. If you cannot give one out of good heart, then don’t. You will just ruin the spirit of giving and sharing.

Sharing? Yes, we should share our blessing with the least fortunate ones. I have no problem with that. I will gladly do that for God, not for man, not to the dictate of man, but for the love of Christ.

Some people have the thick face to pester others for gifts. That’s already annoying. They do not take it as a joke. They mean it. People are experiencing financial difficulties today. They can’t even hold a decent noche buena, then you disturb them for your present? Hope you spend the Christmas in hell.

When it comes to gift-giving, do it out of your own heart. Do it out for love. Do not expect a gift in return. A simple ‘thank you’ is enough to enrich the heart.

No Time For The Family

I feel sad for many people who cannot spend Christmas with their families because they have to stay on duty. On the other hand, some employers do not let their employees off. They have to enslave their workers for the profit. May their unscrupulous hands rot.

Christmas used to be a family celebration, but not anymore. To those who are far away from their loved ones or have to work this Christmas, may God bless you.


I observe some people out there sing carols for joke or for profit. They don’t sing from their heart or soul. Worse, they do not even sing properly. Well, if you notice such, don’t bother to hand them gifts of money.

On the other hand, there are poor souls out there who have nothing to celebrate, so when they carol at my place, I would not hesitate to hand them a few bucks.

Christmas Shopping

Last minute Christmas shoppers

Last minute Christmas shoppers (Image from http://www.thfire.com/)

Money is abounding around the Christmas season, so if you shop for gifts, expect the crowd. Malls and bazaars are always full of people. Why can’t they save their money and go shopping next year to avoid the crowds? #occupymalls?

Merry Christmas Anyway

I will celebrate Christmas my own simple way. I don’t need to give gifts. I don’t even need to receive one. I don’t need to sing carols. I only need to be quiet, to spend it with people that matter.

drunk santa claus

Go home, Santa! You’re drunk! (image from http://www.kongregate.com)

In my own simple way, I will pay honor and respect to the Person whose birth is the subject of Christmas.


Orthodox Christians attend a Christmas service in Belarus

Orthodox Christians attend a Christmas service in Belarus – AFP/Getty Images (image found on http://www.cbc.ca)


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