Musing over AlDub (Part 2)

(Last of two parts. Don’t forget to read Musing over AlDub (Part 1)

Alden serenading Yaya Dub at the Tamang Panahon concert in the Philippine Arena, Bulacan (image from Rappler)

Alden serenading Yaya Dub at the Tamang Panahon concert in the Philippine Arena, Bulacan (image from Rappler)

Stress reliever of sorts

The kalyeserye has achieved critical acclaim and social media success, resulting to increased ratings for Eat Bulaga!, a resurgent showbiz career for Alden, and endorsements for both Alden and Yaya Dub.

The reception towards AlDub was also a subject of criticism and scorn, especially from people who are concerned that the popularity of the kalyeserye may overshadow hot-button social issues, but fans countered that they still keep themselves updated with social issues, and the kalyeserye is just a stress reliever.

Critics have poked fun at AlDub fans, denigrating them as shallow. On that “kababawan” (shallowness) tweet by actress Leah Salonga, fans speculated that Salonga was pertaining to AlDub, although the tweet did not include anything specific for or against AlDub. Salonga denied specifically targeting AlDub, and was only speaking in more general terms.

Critics should be mindful that fans go gaga over AlDub due to the lack of better alternatives and the incompetency and insensitivity of certain institutions to their psychological situation. They aren’t impervious to social problems, but they only want to rest, recharge, and enjoy harmless and funny entertainment, even just for a few minutes. They have been through many struggles that critics themselves have never experienced.

We give Lea Salonga the benefit of the doubt over her tweet. If she wants to make up with AlDub fans that she had offended, it would be good if she release a new single or album that can attain the level of popularity and interest of AKB48, SKE48, and Nogizaka46.

2015 without AlDub? Gloomy

Okay, imagine 2015 without AlDub. Imagine lunch time without it. Imagine social media without Yaya Dub.

And all you’ll have is President Benigno Simeon C. Aquino, who’s groomed to be the major newsmaker of 2015, thanks to his insensitivity towards the Yolanda victims in Tacloban City, the widows of the fallen SAF 44, the overseas Filipino workers, and the Lumads of Mindanao.

All you’ll have is VP Jejomar Binay and former Interior and Local Government chief Manuel Roxas III on the front page of major broadsheets. All you’ll have is terrorists and law offenders making their rounds in the national news. What about the economic slump and the surge in prices?

All you’ll have is the leadership controversy of the powerful Iglesia ni Cristo, with the issue already shifting from outside the Dept. of Justice main office and EDSA highway to the court room. 2015 shouldn’t remind us of the terrible traffic they had caused, and the allegations of kidnapping, illegal detention, and corruption involving the church’s leaders and elders should not stain our memories of 2015.

Thanks God for AlDub

Thanks to the cameraman, Yaya Dub’s crush on Alden became known. Thanks to Yaya Dub, we have AlDub. Thanks to AlDub, 2015 will not end as a dull year for some, a bad year for many.

Promotion for the National Pabebe Wave Day spearheaded by the fictional supercouple AlDub (image from Rappler)

Promotion for the National Pabebe Wave Day spearheaded by the fictional supercouple AlDub (image from Rappler)

We Filipinos want a break from the bad news that are staple of evening TV news programs. At this moment, we want to hear less of political squabbles, political squabbles, government corruption and incompetency, crime and war (plus the deaths involved), economic slump, showbiz scandals, and shallow victories (like the ones brought by international beauty pageants because they don’t really matter).

In a year when the government’s insensitivity towards its constituents come to light, AlDub offers us temporary respite from the helplessness and hopelessness cast upon us by political leaders and institutions that continue to fail us and humiliate us, even before the world. As we find no comfort in them, it is necessary that we look elsewhere, somewhere for something, anything that can give us a big break from everything depressing and disheartening.

We have the right to be happy amidst tragedies, that’s if we do have the time to look at and think of the happier things. AlDub came at the right time. Thanks God for AlDub!

Duet of the supercouple (image from Rappler)

Duet of the supercouple (image from Rappler)


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