Imaginary Article on fripSide’s Decade

Disclaimer/foreword: This is not a real article, just invented, thus imaginary. So due respect to fripSide (Satoshi Yaginuma, Yoshino Nanjo, and nao) and their long-time fans.

Why such an article? Well, three years ago, I was transitioning from writer to coder, something I never succeed at. Because my heart belongs to writing, not coding, although the knowledge that I gained was valuable, and I even code a bit in this blog. Good thing I took notes.

I made up this article when I was looking for a material to apply HTML. And since I wanted to write and was excited for the release of fripSide’s Decade, I thought about writing this article. I never intended to pass this “news feature” article as genuine, so please don’t take it seriously. I only wanted to maintain my writing skills during a difficult transition to HTML coder. And coding on this content I made about fripSide was the way I can make the transition fun.

Anyway, months later I returned to writing. Weeks later, fripSide released “Sister’s Noise”.

I couldn’t throw this away, as I keep copies of my writing I made in my career. And because an anniversary of sorts is approaching, I decided to share this. Even is this is just a made-up article, I’m happy enough to write something about fripSide.

Again, this is not a real news feature article. This is just made-up, with no other intention than to help me with coding.



fripSide To Release Anniversary Album Next Month

Japanese trance-pop super group fripSide is set to release an anniversary album come the 24th of October to celebrate their 10th year in the music industry. The release of the album will be accompanied by the release of an official single a week before the said album launch.


Decade, the title of both album and carrier single, will feature both the current vocalist Yoshino Nanjo and former vocalist nao who ‘graduated’ in 2009 and later replaced by the former. The anniversary album will feature tracks highlighting the 10 years of fripSide. According to fripSide main man and keyboardist/instrumentalist Satoshi Yaginuma, the anniversary album will also be a greatest hits album. Said Satoshi in an interview with Billboard music magazine:

“I was busy with my other bands, Altima and Spoon, that I cannot qucikly follow up fripSide’s last single (“Way To Answer”, last December 2011). It was last Easter that I chanced upon nao at the backstage of Altima’s concert in Tondo and what followed was a reunion of sorts. She said she wanted to work with me again.”

Nao, in a separate interview, revealed that it was she who suggested that fripSide also release an anniversary album.

“I met satoshi to seek permission if I can sing some of our old materials abroad, and he said he doesn’t mind. When he broached up the idea of releasing another compilation of our old songs, I asked him what if we release an anniversary album which could also be our greatest hits album. You see, AKB48 has just released theirs which also happened to be Atsuko Maeda’s last album, a farewell album to be in a way.”

Satoshi suddenly thought it was a great idea to release an album that would be treated as an anniversary and greatest hits album at the same time. “The timing can’t be wrong,” said Satoshi. “I forgot fripSide is already 10 years old. This calls for a celebration, but it would not be complete without nao and Yoshino – former and present vocalist, respectively – singing together in one song.”

Yoshino is more than excited to work with nao.

“This is a wonderful dream. The album aims to bring all fripSide fans to celebrate our 10 years in the industry. She (nao) is part of it, and it is right that we bring her to the consciousness of the new fans.”

Remarked nao, “I want to reconnect with the old fans and connect with the new ones too.”

No timing is perfect for a music group that had went through two reincarnations. 10 years of music deserves a celebration, something which the band cannot deny for their faithful fans.

Combining two powerful voices

Satoshi exclaimed it was a powerful experience to bring both nao and Yoshino to sing on the carrier track. “There was power at the recording session, and I can feel it,” said Satoshi. “So powerful, so intense that you forget fripSide is a two-piece band.”


Both nao and Yoshino found it easy to blend their voices to match up with Satoshi’s up-tempo drive and harmony for the lead single, which is a reminiscence of past fripSide songs. “This is no ordinary collaboration,” reminded nao, to which Yoshino nodded in agreement.

To Satoshi, it is no collaboration, but a reunion.

“You can’t say this is a collaboration. Our anniversary offering does not feature nao as a featured artist. No, she is not collaborating with us, but is reuniting with us for the benefit of all our fans.”

When asked who is the better front singer, Satoshi said the comparison is nil. “They are the best that they cannot even be compared to each other. They would not be fripSide lead singer if they are not the best, would they?”

Expecting the competition

Next month, aside from fripSide launching their anticipated album, AKB48 will also release their 28th single titled, “Gingham Check” with a PV directed by well-known Korean-American director Joseph Kahn. Popular AKB48 sub-units French Kiss, NO3B, and DiVA are also set to launch their new singles. fripSide saw the need to release the much-anticipated anniversary album. “The Oricon charts are very saturated with AKB songs, albums at the moment, and we need to offer something that is not related to AKB48,” remarked nao.

Satoshi looks forward to quickly follow up the anniversary/greatest hits album to produce more offering for the fans. “The fans will be looking for more music, and we have to catch up with other bands, especially AKB48 and Exile.”

Yoshino saw the competition as an opportunity for the band to bring out their very best by hitting two birds with one stone: The return of nao for the anniversary album and the release of the material itself.

“Much has been said about other bands, but not fripSide, so it is time that we release a timely material to remind music fans that we are already here for 10 years. Our anniversary album will remind fans the great music journey of the band.”

Satoshi was recently inspired by the all-female electropop trio Perfume for achieving a fourth consecutive no.1 album in the Oricon album chart. He believes fripSide will also score with their upcoming opus. “Our anniversary album and single both hitting no.1 will be the best gift our fans can give to us. In return, we promise to give them an earful of great music,” Satoshi concluded.










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