The Importance of Water – Our Natural Resource


I hope people in the Philippines can finally understand the real value of water and the great importance of water conservation. Without water, Philippines is no paradise – and will never be a paradise unless it learns how to conserve water. We can boast about the beauty and wonder of Boracay, Mayon Volcano, Tagaytay, Baguio, Palawan, white sand beaches, Chocolate Hills, etc – but these wonders are nothing if people in the rest of the country have no water for days.

I pray the Philippine government will pay attention to its water problem. It’s high time they invest in desalination plants and rainwater catchment systems, regulate water use by hotels, resorts, restaurants, and car wash facilities, urge farmers to practice efficient irrigation, and indoctrinate the public about proper water use.

It’s time the Philippines not pay to its empty boasts of having beautiful tourist destinations. It should instead work to become a water-sufficient country and lead Asia in water conservation.


Water is so important in our lives and vital part of it, and where water is scarce, some people in the world do not have clean drinking water, who do not have access to showers on a daily basis, in other places water is limited and come from wells, and replenished by trucks.

When I was in California when we were driving through Visalia, Tulare, Bakersfield, Fresno, on Highway 99 and inland of California plus other places, I saw big signs saying “No, Water, No Jobs”, and the crops, vegetables, trees, grass, fruits that are shipped across North America are crying for water and are crying for rain. I can see how dry the land is, grass and some trees have turned blonde/yellow and desperately need rain to liven up the soil and crops. By the time the produce makes it to us, the flavour and freshness changes…

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