My Favorite Tracks From Acts Related To AKB48


The 48 family (image from

Music from AKB48’s sister acts

Good things come in a package, and this is what I get from listening to AKB48: Loads of great tracks from their sister groups and from their “official rival”. If you have listened to AKB48, then you have also listened to SKE48, NMB48, JKT48, HKT48, SNH48, and Nogizaka46. Why not?

If one member graduates from the group to pursue a solo career, then you could be following them too, and their songs will even come out in the results when you search for AKB48 or any other sister group. A package deal, indeed!

As a fan of songs, listening to AKB48 is a great benefit to my music-starved soul. One good thing leads to another, and here what I have: A list of my favorite songs from AKB48’s associated acts. As you can see, many of them are (as to borrowed from the term coined by Danny Sinnoh) dance-oriented songs.


Aozora Kataomoi – A song to take to the top of the world. I’ll always remember Yukiko Kinoshita with this song. I’m on the top of the world dancing…

Bukiyou Taiyou – The ultimate summer love song.

Darkness – The Seven Dancers show how dance should be or how to mix dance and pop properly. The only setback was that they didn’t smile.

Gomen ne, SUMMER – An ultimate summer song, whether to celebrate the joys of summer love or summer fun.

Tsuyokimono Yo – The discovery arrived as a late Christmas gift and the timing was so right. First song I wanted to add to my newly bought cellphone then – and from then, I love the W Matsui, although my heart always go to Rena. They represent what SKE48 is: Beautiful, spunky and sweet.


Cinta Kotak Kotak – JKT48 is the reason why I would love to learn Bahasa and visit Indonesia someday. The fun melody of the song does coupled with their angelic voice.

Message on a Placard – JKT48 shows effort to sing in English, which is why they never fail to please me. I love how they sing in English.

Teriakan Berlian – The Indonesians’ version of the Jurina Matsui-centered Ōgoe Diamond sparks of energy, reason why this is one of my favorite tracks.

Itano Tomomi

10nen go no Kimi e – A very, very sad song, and the video just made it sadder. I found this song while working out my last days at my former employment because they wanted to kick me out. And yes, it was 10 years since I fist saw the girl whom I wasted three years pursuing. The heartache, but I have moved on, than to the W Matsui and Nogizaka46.

Tunnel – If there’s a song to celebrate the success of overcoming challenges in romance (or love), then this is it.


Ibiza Girl – This is a better bikini song than Baby! Baby Baby! and Sayonara Crawl, and the video could be the funniest of all the ’48 music videos. Surprised to find Ayaka Umeda here. Anyways, Miyuki Watanabe is the best dressed and Yuki Kashiwagi is best in bikini.


River – SNH48’s vocals did justice to the song, and a great music video setting to back it up. My favorite oshimen here, Tang Min, is spectacular. Too bad she is no longer with the band.


Kidzuitara Kataomoi – The joys and pain of love. I can really relate to this song. The angelic voices of Nogizaka46 really made pain so beautiful and enduring.

Nandome no Aozora ka? – Song of the year 2014, if you ask me (and it should be, given its beautiful lyrics full of encouragement and a great music video). That Mai Shiraishi has naughty tricks, Nanase Nishino gives a kick in the butt, and Erika Ikuta’s smile is so captivating.

Sekai de Ichiban ko Kodoku na Lover – My 2nd favorite dance-pop track after SKE48’s Darkness, and my 2nd ultimate last song syndrome after their very own Nandome no Aozora ka. The gals make it cool to dance in school uniforms.

Watashi no Tame ni, Dareka no Tame ni – Either this a song about paying it forward with a song or comforting a sad soul with a song. Indeed, spreading happiness, comfort, and encouragement through music is a noble deed.


Nogizaka46’s “Barrette” Type-A Limited Edition single cover (Image from

If you think there’s a good song from any of AKB48’s sister groups that I should hear, please let me know. Hit it in the comments section below, and I will research for it.


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