My Favorite AKB48 Songs

AKB48’s 41st Single Senbatsu Sousenkyo will be held next month on the 6th of June. This year also happens to be the group’s 10th anniversary year. So as to mark the event, I will publish a few blog posts relating to the band and event – time, body and mind willing.

I am still researching past songs of AKB48 that I haven’t listened to yet. Finding them late does make the experience listening to the band great, like aged grapes for wine. I listed here 12 tracks in no particular order:

Tobe Nai Agehachou – Rena Matsui and Aki Takajo, two of the AKB48 members that I follow, are Undergirls here. The two usually helped make up the second unit for some time until Rena climbed in the ranks. Aki remained in the second unit, though she occasionally appears in the first unit.

Namida Surprise – One of the best birthday songs ever. Jurina Matsui, she’s so cool! Haruna Kojima is awesome too, and Mariko Shinoda is a beaut.

Kaze wa Fuiteru – The video is dark, the surroundings are gloomy and the costumes got no color. But the lyrics are full of hope, the dance is powerful and the gals are beautiful. Too bad the track was not included in a charity compilation album that is dedicated to help out the victims of typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) in the Philippines.

Nante Bohemian – Some AKB48 fans I met hate this song, and I don’t know why. It took me a long time to love this song, though. The tune to the chorus is great, especially the “AIAIAIYAA AIAIAIYAA AIAIAIYAA Oh! Oh!” part. Aki Takajo is forever a second unit player.

Majijo Teppen Blues – I love the song, and I love the video, so inspired by Japanese gals fighting in school. And we don’t have that in the Philippines. Most of the school fights the schoolgirls have in my country surround around boys they like, and AKB gals don’t fight about boys, do they?

Baby! Baby! Baby! – The song that started it all. Since then, I know Japanese gals don’t only dance in bikinis, but they also dance in school uniforms and some other beautiful outfits.

Gingham Check – Japanese entertainment culture summarized in the video. The best dressed: Mayuyu Watanabe, Yuki Kashiwagi and Tomomi Kasai. This was my most favorite music video of 2012.

Kokoro no Placard – For me, a much better track since “Uza”. I don’t like the songs that followed “Uza”, which was why I strayed away from AKB48 for some months, exploring SKE48’s other songs, Morning Musume, Nogizaka46 and other Jpop acts. “Kokoro no Placard” is a load off my back. Maybe thanks to the forever sweet cyborg girl Mayuyu Watanabe.

Heavy Rotation – Glad to help make the song’s video hit the 100 million-mark on YouTube, thus serving as a fitting finale and glorious tribute to Yuko Oshima. Proud to be part of the campaign.

Lucky Seven – Imagine Mariko Shinoda throwing a wine glass at Tomomi Kasai and Minami Minegishi. That’s class. Haruna Kojima in blue? She’s indeed a real beaut.

River – Throw away your doubts and show your guts, so sang the gals in another inspiring and empowering track.

Flying Get – Part-movie, part-music video. Throw in some dance and fight acts, and the gals dazzle in one of the best music videos I have ever seen.



  1. You appear to like the dance oriented ones …

  2. Re: “I am still researching past songs of AKB48 that I haven’t listened to yet.”

    This is the fun of being a Pop Music Historian … or AKB Historian. You can re-watch them again and again. Sometimes even find a gem you may have missed.

    : )

    • Just now, I have found Ogoe Diamond to be a great song. I also stumbled upon the JKT48 version.

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