It’s El Niño Time! Save Water

drought at a rice field in cebu

The heat is on. (Photo from Metro Cebu News)

Conserve water now

El Niño is already in town, and a great drought seems possible, and so are water shortage, increasing electricity bills, poor crop harvest and hotheadedness on the road.

Well, we can do something about our electricity bills.

  • We can lower our energy consumption. Let us reduce our dependence on electric fans and air cooling systems. Open the windows. Go out and enjoy the fresh air. Exercise our muscles by using hand fans.
  • Cut our time on technology. Give up Internet for the whole summer. Turn off the TV. Reduce hands-on on gadgets (except for a camera, of course, because you want to capture those summer memories). Go out and play. Take a walk. Go camping. Go out and meet friends at the park, mall, bookstore, beach, wherever. Look for other venues to cool off.
  • Stop playing DOTA. If it’s fighting action you want, go to Iraq and volunteer for the Kurds, Shiites, Assyrians and minorities fighting the terrorists.
  • Stuck in traffic on a very hot day? Calm down, man. Keep your lid on anger (and stop blowing that horn). And yes, ditch the car or motorcycle and start walking or ride the bike.
  • Convert to solar energy. Let’s make great use of the sunlight, not of the discounts of electric utilities.

But what can we do about water shortage and poor crop harvest this coming summer? Serious issues we got here, so this calls for serious answers: Extreme discipline on our part, political will on part of the government, and initiative on part of the agricultural and environment departments. What about the water utilities? They can do to educate the population about proper water usage and fix leaking fixtures.

As a water-loving citizen, I would like to share the following water-saving tips:

  • Watch your water use. You know how much water you need to wash clothes and dishes, water the plants and clean the car, so don’t keep the tap running.
  • Repairs. Leaking pipes? Dripping faucets? Please contact your plumber for repairs and maintenance. NOW.
  • Recycle. Use the wash water from your laundry in cleaning your car’s exteriors, flushing the toilet or cleaning the pavement. You can avail of technologies that treat waste water through a multi-step process to remove impurities. The purified water can be used for non-consumption. If you can buy a new car or Mac, you can also afford a water recycling treatment for household use.
  • Don’t do bullshit with water. Doing that ALS ice bucket challenge is one of the bullshittest ways to waste water, and people doing that should offer themselves to ISIS to atone for their sin. Donate to the ALS fund without using water – and without letting everyone know what an attention whore you are.
  • Go waterless. Car-washing is the worst way to waste water, so why not sell your car to do your part for Mother Nature? Can’t live without a car? Then try WASHBOi waterless car wash.
Washboi Waterless Carwash

Washboi Waterless Carwash (Photo from Washboi Facebook page)

  • Don’t play with fire. You know how much water the firemen need in putting out a fire. Please contact your electrician to perform an inspection of your electrical fixtures. Keep matches away from children. Watch your cooking. Turn off the stove and appliances when not in use. PLEASE!
  • Plant drought-resistant crops. Fight El Niño and water shortage with science. Science makes it possible to plant food amid dry spell with drought-resistant plants. Please coordinate with your local agricultural or food department.
  • Watch the kids. Tell your children not to play with water. Teach them how to use water wisely.
  • Suspend certain fiesta activities. The month of May is fiesta time in the Philippines. Honor God and the saints by cancelling all fiesta activities at home. The water use to cook fiesta foods and washing the dishes afterwards should be better spent on drinking, hygiene and watering the plants.
  • Convert rainwater for household non-consumption. Instead of buying a new car or mac or going on a holiday cruise, install a rainwater tank. During times of drought or water restrictions, a water tank comes in handy. You can use it to water the garden, flush the toilet, wash the car or wash clothes.
Rainwater tank

Rainwater tank (Picture from Sydney’s Plumbing Specialists / SPS Plumbers)

  • Pray for rain. You know why. Prayers are powerful too, if you believe.

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