Follow-up to “The Decision to Stop Paying My Kaiser Health Plan” and some advice

Due to the increasing number of views and comments I get from readers who have read my post on IMG and Kaiser healthcare plan, I decided to write a follow-up. I want to make some clarifications but first, I would like to share videos about multilevel marketing (MLM). Please watch them. Protect yourself and your loved ones from pyramid scams.

First of all, I have no intentions to ruin the name of International Marketing Group (IMG) and Kaiser International Health Group Inc. I am just sharing my experience. There is no harm in sharing, right? I wrote about my experience, what I think about IMG and Kaiser, and what I have learned from the experience. Nothing more.

How I felt at first meeting with IMG "recruiter" (because she's no certified financial broker in the first place).

How I felt at first meeting with IMG “recruiter” (because she’s no certified financial broker in the first place).

I did everything I can at that time to resolve the issue with my Kaiser healthcare plan. I contacted the Kaiser representative and emailed their accounting and customer service, requesting their help. I tried my best to persuade the IMG agent to help me look into the whole matter, but she was not willing. You know what she said to me.

The IMG agent did not give me any assurance that she will help. I haven’t heard from the Kaiser person since our first and last meeting. The time when I was with the IMG agent at the IMG office to resolve the matter, the Kaiser person did not even stop to talk with us. He just passed by as if he did not recognize me.

At least, the IMG agent was not giving me any false assurance. The Kaiser representative told me he will investigate the matter, but nothing heard from him. He even told me to keep paying my monthly premiums while he investigate.

I emailed the Kaiser office in Makati, but response was slow and their response did not help. I sent message through the Facebook channel, and their response did not help me either. (I was only told that the reinstatement fee is PhP 300.) No more from them, so I decided to throw in the towel.

I did what most people do after going through a very painful experience. I move on. I am in the process of rebuilding my life and my financial future.

Lessons Learned

  • Never give in to fear, a marketing tactic used by many multi-level marketing (MLM) and sales agents today.
  • Be wary when the agent tells you to purchase or sign up for membership right away. When an agent tells you to withdraw money, doubt.
  • Examine their words. Multi-level marketing or MLM (commonly known as networking) “pyramid” scams are very popular in the Philippines. The IMG agent told me they aren’t into networking, but “marketing”. Marketing, hell yeah! They way they recruit people to enroll them in IMG and how they earn from recruitment is similar to MLM pyramid scams. Their income is not from the products they sell but from the fee people pay to join IMG.

Points to Reiterate

As to this part of the comment I received on March 3,

we really appreciate this article but you should have written the name of the persons, places involve for more specifications and validity, you could have killed someones life just by firing uncontrol machinegun in the air with out aim and reason,

I would like to rebut with a text from my post which inspired this follow-up post.

Why I’m writing this? Well, I want to release my frustration, express my disappointment… and regret over a stupid mistake that I made.

and with my reply to a comment on September 2, 2014.

While I was drafting this post, I had the plan to name names, including the name of that Kaiser personnel who no longer replied to my messages. However, I decided not to after much thought. The employee of the investment firm where I bought my mutual fund did not even name names.

Going to Makati to resolve the healthcare matter was easier said than done. I lacked the finances to do so that time, which factored in my alarm and anger over the “lapsed” payments. But the issue was in the province where I currently reside, so I should resolve it here with the “assistance” of the IMG agent and the Kaiser representative who are working here (if they are still working here). Because they were here, I believed they can help me. But I was wrong.

Contrary to what that IMG CEO said, you can get a mutual fund or investment plan without a Kaiser plan. I attended a seminar at an investment center last year, and they did not mention any prerequisite like a Kaiser plan or IMG membership for obtaining their mutual fund products. They did not even mention IMG at all.

I hope I have made my points clear.

To the people belonging to IMG and Kaiser, it was never my intention to criticize your respective organizations.

To those who are about to sign up with IMG and/or get a Kaiser healthcare plan, please do your homework properly.

To those who want a Kaiser plan but not an IMG membership, ask Kaiser if this is possible. Ask IMG if you can only buy the health plan and not become a member. If it’s impossible (meaning you have to be an IMG member in order to obtain a Kaiser), you know what to do unless you want to.

To those who think of obtaining a healthcare plan, life and general insurance, mutual fund, real estate plan, and allied financial services through IMG, I advice:

  • Make sure you visit the physical office of the financial firm who provides the plan or financial product. IMG is just a third-party. Get information directly from the first party.
  • If it is possible to visit them at their site, visit their website, email them, give them a call, browse their social media.
  • Mention that you plan to obtain their product through IMG. Ask if it is okay to buy their plan or product through a third-party like IMG.
  • Wait for their feedback. If positive, proceed. If negative, forget IMG and do business with the financial firm directly. (This is what happened to me.)

Good day!



  1. Ivy

    Hi There! are you an IMG member?

  2. bobet

    Hi Striving Writer

    When did you stop paying for your Kaiser? The reinstatement period is up to two years, so maybe you can still resume. How many payments have you made? Maybe there is cash value you can claim.

    Why don’t you drop me a facebook PM at and maybe either I can help sort things out, or maybe help you get some of your money back?

    I guess you already know that whoever invited you to IMG and to get a Kaiser plan is either not very well informed, or not very methodical ( or something like that ). But this unfortunate episode need not end on a sad note. Let us try to fix it.

    I’ll answer any questions you have, private or online.
    Here are some clarifications
    — On not hearing from Kaiser billing support.
    Most helpdesks stop replying when customer stop asking. Just keep on following up.
    Kaiser helpdesk is currently overwhelmed because the customer base
    increased significantly last year, faster than projected.

    — on not being able to make mutual fund investment without a Kaiser Plan
    It is possible to invest in mutual funds first but not recommended.
    It is possible to invest directly in most mutual funds even without help from IMG
    Perhaps what they told you is advise that you should not prioritize
    pure investment (mutual funds) over long term healthcare (Kaiser plan)

    There are some products that have prerequisites.
    — Soldivo mutual funds are currently exclusively for IMG members only.
    — Phillam MOST ( the unbelievably inexpensive term life insurance product) is
    exclusively for IMG members with Kaiser plans.

    — on requiring IMG membership to get Kaiser
    It is possible to get any Kaiser plan without joining IMG
    It is possible to join IMG without getting a Kaiser plan.

    And if any of you or family or friends just want to learn about Practical Money Management techniques, you can just tell them to attend the FREE financial seminar, by registering at

    The seminar is free, and you can just advise them not to buy anything, not to be stampeded into doing anything, and not withdrawing money.

    We’re happy to just share, and teach people to learn, save and invest.
    Our mission is to fight poverty, and help Filipino families have financial freedom.


    • philip

      Hi. U have mentioned na it is possible to become an IMG member without getting a kaiser plan , right? If I become an IMG member without a kaiser health plan, entitled pa rin ba sa commission kung makabenta ako ng mutual funds, nonlife insurance, etc?

  3. ner

    sir good day! can you get a refund from IMG/ Kaiser if you wish to cancel your policy?

  4. bobet

    What do the best legal minds in the Philippines from the House of Representatives, Court of Appeals, and Public Attorneys Office have in common? They have the same HMO provider, Kaiser International Healthgroup!

    See partial list of Kaiser Corporate customers

  5. Ranger

    Good day!
    I just started Kaiser health builder this year and I’d like to ask if kung nacompleted ko na po ung payment ko for 7 years, ung po bang total na binayaran ko for 7 years ang magiging cash value ng account ko na expected to yield 5-8% na mag iistart after completion of payment?
    Thanks in advance!

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