2015: My Road to Recovery

2014 was not a good year for me. What was supposed to be a promising year turned out to be one bad year. Things didn’t go well as I expected. In the middle of the year, my job satisfaction ran thin, ties with certain people got cold, and stress and fatigue levels worsened. Worst, I ran out of money. I realized that I failed to save for emergencies. What could get worst after I stopped paying the premiums for Kaiser health plan?

In many ways, I failed my 2014. I failed so bad that I even considered suicide or terrorism. But no. It won’t be right to lay blame on people or bring them to a horrible end over the series of misery and depression I experienced. I myself am to blamed for the miserable events in my life, though I am not primarily responsible for certain events. You know what I mean, if you have read why .

I learned my lessons, and I hope to avoid making the same mistakes again this year. Life’s too short. I can’t always be concerned for people who remember me only when they have problems or favors to ask from me. It’s not that I hate people, but I can’t give my all to them, fair-weathered friends.

Life’s too short to worry about bad things and miserable events. We can turn them into good situations, which can help us come into our senses and strengthen our will to live and survive. Remember, there’s always a silver lining, a brighter side.

I have big plans for 2015, especially with regards to my finances. After my problem with, I resolved to directly get in touch with certified experts, with the firms, and not just any (part-time) third parties. I can’t forget the whole incident and just move on, as what the IMG agent had told me. I need to work double time to recoup the losses.

I am hopeful for a worry-free, successful and prosperous 2015. I pray you do too.


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