You Know It’s Not Your Christmas When…

No fun Xmas for the gloomy one


Unhappy woman sitting next to Christmas tree (image from

  • You got laid off or terminated from work days before your company’s Christmas party.
  • A significant percentage of your separation/severance pay goes to taxes, which is used to support the (luxurious) lifestyle of (incompetent, power-hungry, attention-seeking) (Filipino) politicians and civil servants.
  • You start job-hunting while your acquaintances and ex-workmates start preparing for the Christmas parties, buying presents and ironing their party outfits.
  • Party pictures appear on your Facebook feeds while you are contacting friends for job referrals.
  • People know you are out of work but still ask you for presents.
  • Ex-workmates tell you they have a good time at the party and regret you were not present. How can you be present when you are laid off or fired from work days before the party? How can you be present when they do not invite you?
  • You enter a gadget store where a Christmas sale is going on, but leave with flyers… because you have no money to buy those cool devices, even on discount.
  • Nobody remembers you on Christmas, except when they want to borrow money from you anytime of the year.

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