The Decision to Stop Paying My Kaiser Health Plan

(Update, September 2, 2019: I found these posts on a social network last year. Whether the problem was solved, I don’t know because she stopped posting about it; the post after these said something like she was trying to relax to forget a bad day. I do hope her problem was solved and Kaiser did something about it.)

kaiser international health group

(Update, December 10, 2016: Watch the video of HBO’s John Oliver video on multilevel marketing at the end of this post. Relate much with IMG or any other MLM company?)

(Update, July 17, 2016: Don’t forget to watch video at the end of this post. A scambuster shares tips on how to spot a pyramid scam.)

International Marketing Group (IMG) is a scam.

International Marketing Group (IMG) is a scam. (Photo from the IMG WordPress site)

kaiser international health group

Kaiser logo from DIY Personal Finance website

On the 2nd quarter of 2012, I got myself a healthcare plan from kaiser International Healthgroup through their brokerage firm International Marketing Group (IMG), popularly known in the Philippines as IMG. Why Kaiser has to seek new plan-holders through IMG, I don’t know.

I got the healthcare plan primarily out of fear. The IMG broker or agent who talked me into getting one was a great talker, full of persuasion skills and marketing techniques in her sleeves. I was an easy prey for her. She used scare tactics – or in other words, fear – on me.

She got me scared about my financial future. She got me scared into thinking about my financial stability. She caused in me fear and anxiety about my employment. She was a master. She persuaded me to get a plan so I can have a stable financial future. And yeah, she even told me I should get my girlfriend one.

Anyway, she did cause me to plan about my future and to consider a second job or part-time. It’s really hard times indeed. And money don’t grow on trees.

But I don’t like the way she got me into getting a Kaiser healthcare plan. I should have known she was never concerned about my future. She was just concerned about her downline. I should have known I was falling into a multi-level marketing (MLM) scam.

In the Philippines, MLM is also commonly known as networking, and networking scams abound in the country. A lot of people are into it, including teachers, public servants, and even church workers.

I did not get a Kaiser healthcare plan right away. I did not even sign up for IMG membership, even if the IMG agent tried to persuade me, telling me there’s an ATM nearby. I should draw money right away so I can sign up for IMG membership and purchase a Kaiser plan – so I can start my journey to financial stability.

However, I never helped her increase her downline – because I did not bring any new people to IMG. Right after I paid for the Kaiser plan and IMG membership, she told me I should recruit three people to join IMG, so that I can earn some sort of promotion. We should work as a team, so goes her smooth talk again. In her words, we should educate people on financial matters and help them make better choices for their financial future.

But truth is, we should get people to join IMG and purchase financial products they market from legitimate financial services providers, (mutual funds, real estate, loans, etc). Those entering IMG are told to get a Kaiser plan first before they decide to get another product. In the words of one IMG CEO, you cannot get an investment or mutual fund plan if you have not purchased a Kaiser plan yet.

No Kaiser healthcare plan, no mutual fund. Plain and simple!

However, months later, I got myself a mutual fund account through a certified financial adviser, not through IMG. I went to an investment firm to inquire about their mutual fund product, which is marketed by IMG.

The person I talked to told me he does not trust International Marketing Group (IMG) in handling their mutual fund products. He narrated to me an incident where an IMG agent failed to remit a client’s payment or investment funds to the firm.

The person I turned to for the mutual fund matter happened to be someone the firm knew. So I relied on trusted hands and got myself a mutual fund.

And back to my Kaiser plan, I paid the installment for 19 months. I had paid about PhP 39,539, not including the policy fee and the fares (to the IMG office). It was all for nothing.

I stopped paying the Kaiser healthcare plan over some discrepancies and inaction of both the IMG agent and Kaiser.

The last time I went to the IMG office to pay the monthly installment, a staff informed me about about finding my plan to be lapsed. But lapsed, how could it be? I contacted the IMG agent about this, and all she told me was to pay for reinstatement so I can still pay the old rate.

I sensed problems, so I contacted the local Kaiser office. A phone call was not enough to clarify some matters, so I met with a Kaiser representative who showed to me my payment history.

On my payment history, I found out inappropriate and lacking details, as summarized:

  • Some payments I made were not according to the proper dates. For instance, the payment I made on January 5, 2013 was dated February 28, 2013 on my payment history. The temporary sales receipt I have don’t lie.
  • Lack of receipts. One time the IMG agent did not hand me a temporary sales receipt. What she handed me was an acknowledgement receipt. She told me she ran out of temporary receipts. The Kaiser rep told me it shouldn’t be.
  • With the lack of temporary receipts came too the lack of certain payments.
  • A few payments I made were past due date, but still within grace period. Thanks to the lack of receipts and the recording, the last payments I made were beyond grace period.

I met with the IMG agent to discuss over these issues. I pointed out to her about the missing receipts and payments, but she insisted she remitted them. But if she did so, why were they not reflected on the payment history?

Instead of helping me out and investigating the matter, she blamed me for my own problem because I did not meet her to get my official receipts and that I made payments past the due dates.

I countered that the lack of receipts and the corresponding payments caused the problem, not my paying past the due dates (but still within the grace period). And even if I did not get my official receipts, the payments should have reflected in my payment history. And with paying past the due dates, that was not a problem because she told me if I cannot pay before the due date, I should try to still pay within the grace period and that it’s all right.

The IMG agent still insisted she remitted the payments, but she cannot show evidence to back up her statements. I sensed she was up to no good. When I asked if IMG could have caused an error in reading the particulars of my payment and recording my payments, she replied she doesn’t know.

On the case of the acknowledgement receipt, I was never handed one by the staff who informed me on the lapse and to whom I made most of my payments. One time she ran out of temporary receipts, she took me to the Kaiser office so I can make my payment and receive a temporary sales receipt.

I had the hunch the IMG agent have not remitted the payments that lack the receipt.

And I was disappointed with Kaiser for not helping me. They ignored my emails, and the Kaiser rep did not respond to my follow-up text messages. No developments from him. Nothing heard from the IMG agent when I pressed her more on the matter.

The IMG agent just told me to pay for the reinstatement as it is useless to dispute as the payments were already recorded. I sensed her lack of concern for me. And for that, I saw her as a swindler. She showed no willingness to dig deep into my problem.

I wanted to see the inappropriate details of my payments corrected, something which the IMG agent looked disinterested. Just charge it to experience, she further told me.

It was then I decided to stop paying.

Hard decision it is, but I cannot do business with swindlers, with companies that do not have excellent customer service. I refuse to entrust my money to people who are only concerned with their downlines and commissions. In other words, people who got rich by recruiting other people. They do not contribute to the innovation of goods and services.

I should have known that IMG agent is just one of the many people who got into the financial services just for the money – when she told me to withdraw money so I can start my Kaiser plan.

I cannot say much about International Marketing Group (IMG), but I see them as just another multi-level marketing (MLM) / networking business, whose people rely on aggressive recruitment of people to boost their income. Recruitment is their only strategy that brings them their income, not sales and innovation. You make money by signing people up. The more people you recruit, the more money you make.

IMG is just a marketing agency, not a financial services broker, hence their name. If IMG claims to be a financial services broker, its name should be International Financial Brokers Group. But no, they are just into marketing like all MLM / networking groups. IMG is just a plain third-party service provider – a marketing service provider, not even an advocacy or NGO.

MLM groups are only into income-building through recruitment. The type of networking they do is prospecting (in order to recruit and earn from recruitment). Their networking is money-making, not relationship building and professional camaraderie. 

Recruit three people in IMG and you get to become marketing director (MD). Why not recruiting director??? I know two people (brothers) who got into IMG – because their grandmother recruited them. She became MD because she was able to recruit three or more people in a month (or three months, can’t remember). When I was duped into IMG, the company ran a recruitment promo: recruit three people in a month (or three months, can’t remember) and become a marketing director (MD). The IMG agent persuaded me to recruit people; and when one of the branch managers knew I was not recruiting people, she was displeased and lost interest in conversation with me.

Why I’m writing this? I want to release my frustration, express my disappointment… and regret over a stupid mistake that I made. In the times to come, this will be the biggest regret of my life. The money that I had paid for, I could have already bought a laptop, a tablet or digital camera to pursue a few hobbies.

I have no personal healthcare plan of sorts now. I just have a healthcare plan provided by my current employer, plus my SSS and Philhealth. I am taking steps to take care of my physical health and financial future, and I don’t need IMG and Kaiser.

I write this as to give myself two lessons to learn: One, money is hard to find and to decide about. Two, there will be many people like that IMG agent and Kaiser rep.

As parting words, I’d like to share this video:


  1. Hi Guys, I took the liberty to file ticket in their support portal hoping they would hear your complaints. Here’s the link for your reference:
    Let’s pray that hearts will be humbled and everyone involved will help each other out.

    God bless,

  2. Hello,

    My name is GILL E Concha, I am based in Europe. I am one of the Sr Marketing Director.

    I seriously would like to thank you for sharing your feelings and thought about IMG and Kaiser. I will not try to sweet talk you like the one who invited you, but to say that i have been in your shoes.

    I am a training consultant and most businesses have only 2 problems. PEOPLE & or SYSTEM.

    I train my team to have first hand experience as an investor, be financially literate as a whole and not just educated w a certificate but not clear, not consistent about building their solid financial foundation. I teach my team to FIRST understand the practicality of the program for “personal finance” since i find no better program in the Philippines except those who pretend to know yet they are still stuck as an employee or active income. If your financial adviser is dependent on employment for many years then that guy is not your best financial adviser. Good example is Robert Kiyosaki and team of Entrepreneurs who have surpassed employment coz they know about how money works. They are not a slave of money anymore, and you can find many in IMG who are independent already BUT you can also find dishonest people or without integrity. It is like a basket with full of beautiful tomatoes but there are one or 2 rotten tomatoes. I am sorry if you met the rotten ones.

    Processing is another story that i believe is being resolved continually, but i guarantee you that the system now is far way better than before, and there is a way to justify and solve your simple problem, if your coach knows what he or she is doing with the right people to talk to.

    I admire your talent and i wish we can use it for a positive way to help more people understand our holistic program.

    I’d like to share with you the 5 Key Points about this program that is bigger than you think.

    I can guide you and help you maximize your desire towards financial security and use your talent to a positive way to reach out to more people that needed solution in their lives.

    Contact me via skype:
    or viber: 00336 58201017

    • Vladimir

      Kaiser is full of shit. Never ever invest.

  3. Alex

    Like with any other company, there would always be a bad weed. So sorry to hear about what the agent did to you.
    Not that i dont trust people, but i feel confident whenever i do transactions directly.

    I am a member of IMG since 2013, not active though i have enrolled in some of their investment vehicles. Kaiser is one of them. I have Kaiser too, and i find Kaiser very practical compared to other long-term HMO providers. So whenever i pay my Kaiser plan, i pay thru the bank and i email my deposit slips directly to Kaiser and IMG – that way everyone would have my proof.

    Reasons Why IMG Agents Push Kaiser
    1 – health is the foundation in investing.making money wouldnt make sense if your health fails you, or if life fails you – and this is a basic lesson for everyone that is being educated in the first two financial seminars

    2 – IMG is Kaiser’s broker. Thus, this is the healthcare product they definitely would sell first.

    3 – the company had made financial researches and decided to be the HMO’s broker since it provides affordable and practical coverage to Filipino families – compared to other companies.

    Kaiser is just one of their financial vehicles. It’s just that, healthcare is the first thing that we should have. Along with Kaiser, IMG is accredited to be a broker of PhilamLife, AyalaLand, SMDC, PhilEquity..u may check others. It is an advantage being a member to them since you could get some discounts from their accredited companies. I have always been a skeptic person but this company’s system is not to be underestimated. There are lots of teams that you can work with, anyway. If u find or feel one agent to be foul, u can join others teams. Bo’s is one of them.

    So..thanks for reading my piece. And for giving us free will to comment on your blog. Good luck on your financial endeavor. 🙂

    • George

      Actually IMG and Kaiser have the same incorporators/owners. The persons on the board of Kaiser are merely dummies. That is why IMG pushes Kaiser almost exclusively along with the Soldivo investment funds and not the reasons mentioned above.

      • bobet

        And you will note that many incorporators of the Ayala companies, and the SM companies and the Gokongwei companies and the Metrobank companies and groups have many common directors and incorporators within the same group. Interlocking directorates are a common facet of the corporate world. It just means multiple companies in the same group are working and cooperating towards interlocking goals.

        For the IMG group, the goal is to help Filipino families achieve financial freedom through financial education, and affordable financial products.

        Most HMO companies today cater to short term healthcare of people who are generally young and healthy. There are very few who cater to senior citizens. Most HMO plans are for employees who are currently working and their dependents. Hence the moment they resign, or retire, they and their dependents lose their coverage unless the former employee decides to shoulder the substantial costs of premium. In most cases, the resigned or retired employee, and dependent ends up with no coverage. Hence you get excellent healthcare while you are young and healthy and no healthcare when you are old or sickly or can not afford to pay. Most HMOs also have very little life protection coverage for members.

        You will note that there are no viable long term healthcare products in the country today, except the Kaiser Ultimate and Premium Health Builder products.

        The premise of long term health care is very simple and logical. Pay for your health care today while you are young, and healthy and productive and can afford to pay, so that you have healthcare when you are old, or sickly, or can no longer pay. If you need healthcare and you do not have short term healthcare, use your Kaiser plan for hospitalization. If the Lord decides to take you home early, your family gets the proceeds of life insurance. Hence you use your investment to get health and life protection within the maturity period.

        And when the plan matures, you have the option to get the balance of your investment plus earnings, or keep it for future healthcare purposes.

        In the case of Kaiser Ultimate, you pay for 7 years, to get 20 years of health and life protection. On maturity, you can opt to get your investments including all profits/interests, or keep your fund growing at 7 to 10% compounded annual growth rate, definitely much more than the current 0.2% growth in savings accounts. You can avail of Kaiser short- and long-term plans whether you are an IMG member or not.

        If you paid your HMO for short term plans, and pay for 7 years, you will get 7 years of protection, and no more protection after the 7th year. If you never used the benefits, none of the premiums are paid back to you.

        On the Soldivo funds.
        The fund was launched only in October 2014, and managed by respected personalities in local finance, including Rex Mendoza, former CEO of Philamlife, and the person at the helm of Philam Asset Management during its explosive growth years for its mutual funds. Soldivo mutual funds are available for retail to IMG members only at this time.

        IMG members get free lifetime financial education, free lifetime financial checkup, free lifetime training on insurance, mutual funds,real estate and various money topics.

        Why don’t you drop by and listen to what we have to say?
        Our mission is to help Filipino families achieve financial freedom, NO FAMILY LEFT BEHIND! It starts with learning how money works, then teaching our family and friends how to save, invest and increase cash flow, and then reaching out to extended circles.

        Register for our free seminar in Makati

        Or better yet, attend my Monday sessions in Quezon City on Mondays at 2pm and 6pm

        Bobet Prudente

  4. Same concern that we have here in Bangkok Thailand.
    It takes ages to solve a simple problem. If you want to know our stories here? you can message me:

    Renato Gamboa

    Under Truly Rich Makers Team

  5. bobet

    The premise of long term healthcare is simple. You pay for healthcare today while you are young, healthy, and able to pay, so that you have healthcare when you really need it when you are old, sickly, retired and probably unable to pay.

    If you want immediate returns, or healthcare, you should consider short term healthcare.
    If you want to know more about why IMG recommends Kaiser, then go see my post at

    I don’t religiously check this post, so I am unable to quickly answer questions here. I’ll be happy to QUICKLY answer any questions you have when questions are asked in THAT post.


    • emelitz

      HI Sir Bobet, how can we assure that all the benefits stipulated in the contract will be give to the plan holder if the company ( kaiser) down?

  6. Can I ask? Do agents of IMG are licensed to sell this Kaiser or even mutual fund products? For what I know, agents who are selling these kinds of products (Insurance, mutual funds, etc.) should have a license under Insurance Commission.

    • bobet

      Hi John,

      IMG itself is an insurance broker company, and has all the proper licenses.
      IMG members do not need licenses, because we simply educate members about specific financial products, and encourage members to attend detailed product training conducted by licensed and authorized product experts.

      For example, for mutual fund investments, we have several mutual fund training sessions every month conducted by Certified Investment Solicitors from Rampver Strategic Advisers. Every investment application is screened by Certified Investment Solicitors too.

      The major roles we play for mutual fund investments is:
      — encourage people to attend the mutual fund training
      — encourage people to start NOW ( as soon as possible )
      — encourage people to invest regularly ( peso cost averaging )
      — help with routine procedures ( filling out form, bank deposits, redemption )

      And because we are all investors in the same product, we speak layman language, and not the confusing high-falluting jargon of some financial advisers.

      If you encounter an agent who uses confusing language, or who tries to stampede you into deciding prematurely, slow down and take time to fully understand what is being offered.
      Ask. Learn.

      And better yet, enroll in IMG for a lifetime of financial education 🙂
      Or at least attend my Monday (2pm and 6pm) sessions in Quezon City


    • Raphael

      Hi john, you are right.. Not sure if they have a license at all.

  7. twentysomethinglawyer

    I hope you sued IMG and that agent with the insurance commission. I was considering Kaiser for my mom who is 58 years old. Their long term plans seemed great. But now I’m changing my mind. Thanks for the warning!

    • bobet

      Hi Twentysomethinglawyer,

      IMG is about helping Filipino families achieve financial freedom through financial education. We want you to be your own financial adviser, which is why we teach financial concepts.

      We invite people to our free financial seminars and workshops.
      You probably attended one of our financial seminars. Why don’t you go attend up to four free workshops to learn more. And please don’t be stampeded into buying anything.

      But if you learn any concept worth sharing, please do share it with other people.
      We teach people how to save and invest safely. We teach people how to turn savings even on as little as P33 a day into investments that could slowly grow to millions of pesos after many years. We teach people to get out of debt, and get protection for health, life and assets. We teach people about estate planning, and orderly transfer of assets to the next generation through trusts and family corporations.

      If you haven’t attended our seminars, why don’t you register for one?
      I conduct the Monday sessions in Quezon City

      You could also attend our seminars in Makati:

      Or in Calamba

      Or in Dasmarinas Cavite

      May you reach your financial goals.


      Here is why we recommend Kaiser

      • Raphael

        If Kaiser is not a scam, then why can’t I even contact their phone numbers listed in the website ??/I have dialed pldt, globelines numbers, etc. but all I get is ” the.number is not yet working”? If it is such a legitimate company, why is there no one to answer nor numbers working?? Are they for real?? I don’t feel good about Kaiser and I think of going to SEC and DTI for verification. Thanks.

      • May

        Hello Raphael,
        if you feel that Kaiser & IMG are not legitimate, just verify in SEC & DTI and please let us know your update.

      • bobet

        Hi Raphael,

        Maybe you just don’t have the right numbers, or are not calling at the right time.
        I went to the website and got a few numbers, and called three of them, and the person who answered the phone confirmed they are from Kaiser International:. Here are the three numbers I called.
        (02) 274 8202
        (02) 274 8203
        (02) 274 8205

        The website is embarassingly old ( see the copyright 2008? ), but the contact info seems current.

        Kaiser plan holders have access to the online OPMS, where they have complete access to all their plan info
        — profile
        — benefit card
        — kaiser emergency contact numbers ( 24×7 )
        — contract
        — payment history
        you can also upload payment details through OPMS.

        You can request for a copy of Kaiser’s corporate papers from the SEC. “Kaiser International Healthgroup , Inc” was registered in SEC in June 8, 2004, with registration CS200408739 as a Health Maintenance Organization (HMO). Kaiser has long term health care plans, mostly owned by IMG members.

        I have an old list of accredited hospitals here ( sorry, 2014 list )
        (click on links to visayas and Mindanao)

        If a member enrolls in a Kaiser plan and finds his choice of hospital not on the list, he can ask Kaiser to expedite accreditation of his hospital.

        Raphael, when you finish your investigation, please share with us your findings?


        If you attend the free morning seminar in Makati, you can attend the free Kaiser product training afterward:

      • Al

        Hi bobet!

        I am planning to try a short term product of kaiser but i change my mind due to the agent of IMG told me that you have to pay whole insurance amount in one time payment and no any other terms of payment like semi annually or quarterly. I cant afford to pay it one time.Thanks

  8. Didi

    It is a fact that some or many of your so called “agents” are not educated enough of what are you offering. How come that some or most of your agents still offer Kaiser even a certain client or individual has enough health insurance and insured as well (life insurance with critical illness, hospital income, and accidenta, disablement, dismemberment benefit in full)? I believe you are an advocate of financial literacy but in my own belief that’s not the way to advice clients. Do you really offer thorough financial planning for the benefit of your members or clients? How deep is the knowledge of your members with what you offer either products man yan or services?

    • Raphael

      HI Bobet and May,

      After complaining and pointing out that they do not have a landline phone since I joined May 206, Kaiser only added a landline hone this year.,I find it negligent for a company not to subscribe to a landline service at the stat of their business. While it is true that they may have the necessary permits and others, failing to have a contact number, which is a landline, is such a failure of a company. Please do not justify their inconsistencies by stating they have a cellphone number. Mobile numbers are easily changed. But a landline number is registered to a business name. Not everyone has a mobile.

      I have called the numbers you provided from the last time I dialled them (two years ago) and there were no answers. NO dial tones, no rings, no sounds. NOt working!
      It was only in recent months they have installed the landline. If I have not hounded them about this, they would not even look into getting one.

      Second most important aspect is the issuance of RECEIPT. I was appalled when they informed me that my payment records are already online so there is no need for a receipt. Although, they can still issue you a receipt. You have to go to their office in Makati because they DO NOT SNED IT BY MAIL. Why? Isn’t that automatic when a customer pays, the company issues a receipt.? Why do I have to request and go to their Makati office? If I live in the province. NOT EVERYONE HAS ACCESS TO THE INTERNET. And what if the records aren’t updated online? What if the system is down? How can I verify payments? But if I have a paper receipt, I do not have to worry because I have written a proof of payment.

      Now, I am really not happy with them anymore. I wrote an email almost three weeks ago to the underwriting department. I was assured by customer service they will reply back. BUT IT IS ALREADY ALMOST 3 WEEKS and I have not gotten any response yet. I am planning to withdraw all my payments because I will be putting it another health insurance company that offers more So, How can you not think of them as SCAM. Besides, IMG is multi-level marketing. The person who recruited you earns from their downline and that in order for a client to avail of the health plan is for an additional payment (membership) on top of the first-month kaiser payment.

      Third point:

      IMG representative always reiterates that Sales load fees are waived in mutual funds because of your membership. Even if I withdraw it several years later, I won’t have to pay a sales load.
      THAT IS VERY WRONG! Sorry but IMG is misinforming the public about the sales load.
      I am a broker myself with a license in stock Trading. So I don’t believe their statement at all.
      the fact is, taking Unlife as an example, IF A N INVESTMENT SUCH LAS MUTUAL FUNDS STAY IN THE SUNLIFE FOR MORE THAN 5 YEARS, THE BACK END OR SALES LOAD IS ALREADY WAIVED. That is stated somewhere in the contract. You have to read it. IMG representatives are hiding some information so they could get you set up. Not sure If they are even trained to provide such info when they themselves are not licensed, broker. I hated it when my upline insists that there are no sales load because I am a member. ALL MUTUAL FUNDS, WHETHER YOU, AVAILED OF IT FROM IMG OR THRU A BROKER IS SUBJECTED TO A SALES LOAD. BUT IT IS WAIVED WHEN THE FUND STAYS LONGER THAN 5 YEARS. So do not believe if they tell you there are no fees because of your privilege as a member. That is not true.

      Here is a fact that will help future readers…

      My friend who is a Kaiser account holder stopped her payment 2 years ago. She has not heard from Kaiser since then, not even a single correspondence to follow-up She does not know how to get a refund. But given they have NOT RESPONDED TO MY EMAIL 3 WEEKS AGO ABOUT A REFUNDING MY PAYMENTS, it only proves that this IMG and KAISER company is not reliable and not trustworthy.

      I am planning to go to PHILAM. I want a company that is trustworthy and with no hidden agenda.

      I believe the author of this blog, IMG is a multi-level marketing company.

  9. bobet

    Hi Didi!

    We have many membership benefits, which include:
    — free lifetime financial education ( workshop, in-house training)
    — free lifetime financial checkup
    — free lifetime product training
    — discounts to selected financial products
    — access to hundreds of financial products
    — opportunity to build a business in the financial industry

    We encourage our members to continuously learn and grow, to better equip them in their own journey to financial freedom. We want everyone to be their own financial advisers, since we know that the person most interested in protecting your own money is YOU.

    Our “agents” are members who want to build a business in the financial industry.
    We tell them two things:
    — invite to enroll in IMG those who want to enroll in IMG
    — sell products to those who want to buy.

    Most of our “clients” are members (or prospective members), so the expectation is that our “clients” will avail of our free financial workshops and training. We encourage our members to share with family and loved ones what they learned and experienced in saving and investing. When our members recommend specific products, they are recommending products they themselves availed of, and believe in.

    If you are unsatisfied with the explanation, you are invited to attend the product training where the specific products are explained in great detail by product experts.

    For example, you were probably offered Kaiser Ultimate Health Builder, the long term health care Kaiser product. It is because the person who talked to you has the same product, and is happy with it. Now, I am not sure about your specific circumstances, but:
    — most HMOs are renewed quarterly/annually, and expire upon non-payment, or at age 60
    — most health insurance is reimbursement-type where you advance hospital payments, then
    get reimbursement later.

    Kaiser Ultimate, when fully paid, is like pre-paid healthcare that never expires and appreciates in value over time, until consumed. It can be converted to cash anytime after maturity, so walang tapon.

    When all you have are short term HMO plans and reimbursement-type hospital plans, what will you do when the HMO expires ( when you stop paying or reach maximum age), and need to be admitted to a hospital during an emergency? Pray there is an ATM nearby or that the hospital accepts credit cards or personal checks?

    There are different financial products because they offer different benefits.

    Attend our free seminar, and attend up to four of our five financial workshops for free!

    The fifth workshop is for members only, who want to build a business in the financial industry, and the free product training are for members who are interested to avail of the financial products:
    — attend health care product training if you are interested in health care products ( like Kaiser)
    — attend mutual fund training if you are interested in mutual funds
    — attend real estate training if you are interested in purchasing real estate from our partner developers ( SMDC, Ayala Land, DMCI and Vista Land)
    — etc

    If you want to chat, or ask questions, why don’t you register for my Monday sessions in Quezon City?


  10. Sasha

    Agree with Grace. This Kaiser and IMG is really full of lies and shit. Don’t get duped.

  11. bobet

    What do the best legal minds in the Philippines from the House of Representatives, Court of Appeals, and Public Attorneys Office have in common? They have the same HMO provider, Kaiser International Healthgroup!

    See partial list of Kaiser Corporate customers

  12. Hi po!

    If mag stop po ba ako sa kaiser, as in stop lang? Wala na pong iba pang pirmahan na papers or additional na kailngan bayaran po? How did you terminate it po? Naghulog palang naman po ako nung una kong month plus the policy fee.. then iam planning po na wag na ipagpatuloy. Pushy kasi masyado yung coach na nagpasali saakin. Ang sadya ko lang panaman po doon is yung seminar and workshops nila pagka member kana 😦 really need your help po. This is my first and nagseek lng ako ng financial education, but i am here i nag dadalawang isip dahil baka hindi siya right choice. Thank you so much po.. i hope i can get a reply from you! 🙂

    • Hello Shaira, sa kaso ko, nag-stop nalang ako kasi walang patutunghan yung mga hinaing ko sa img, kaiser management. Nagpatulong ako sa mga kakilala ko sa img pero pinapasahan lang nila ako. Di rin ako kuntento sa sabi ng kaiser na bayaran ko lang daw ang reinstatement fee. Kaya tinigilan ko na ang pagbabayad.

      Kung kaya mo pumunta sa opisina ng kaiser sa metro manila, pumunta ka para maisalba mo pa investment mo at makukuha kung may makukuha ka. AT mas mabuti na rin na magpaconsulta ka sa licensed and reputable financial planners o experts, hindi yung mga sumasali lang sa img, nagrecruit lang ng tatlong katao, at naging directors (MD) na.

      • Rhona

        😂 sad but true

    • Michael Paculba

      May ififill up ka po na termination, pero wala ka pong babayaran punta ka lng po sa kaiser office, sa kings court. Message me here for more info. 09954573197

      • Jojo

        I also decided to stop my Kaiser plan and inquired on how to get back my contribution ,albeit penalties or deductions that they may impose. However, upon inquiry they said that i can only do so if my account is active; and since I already lapsed on my contribution and my account was inactive, I need to pay my contribution first before I can have my plan terminated. I’m quiet confused as to why should I pay when I wanted to terminate my plan in the first place?

      • bobet

        Hi Jojo,

        In any plan involving multiple payments, lapsing means all benefits, including refund, will be suspended. It is just how things work. Anyway, the reinstatement fee is P300.

        So if the expected refund is greater than P300+ one premium payment, then it is worth reinstating.

        How many months have you paid for your plan? In the first two years kasi, there is little (or maybe zero) cash value for the plan. Ganoon din ang karamihan ng insurance, including VUL. Note that the Kaiser Ultimate Health Builder is a 20 year plan with a 7 year accumulation ( or paying ) period. In the early paying period, your premiums are paying for the 20 year protection portions of the plan:
        — waiver of premiums on death and total disability
        — 7 years of potential inpatient benefits
        — 7 years of annual physical exams and dental benefits
        — 20 years of term life insurance with ADDD
        among other things.

        Starting on the 3rd year, your premiums begin paying for the investment portions of the plan.

        If you are faithful for your payments, there is no way to lose:
        — if you pass away before you complete the 7 years of payments, then the plan is considered fully paid.
        — if you pass away within 20 years ( or before reaching 70), your beneficiary gets the proceeds of life insurance (double if by accidental death), and the beneficiary inherits the health component of the plan.
        — you have inpatient benefits in the first 7 years (P50k above) after Philhealth deductions
        — you have inpatient and outpatient benefits between 8 to 20 years up to fund value
        — on the 20th year, your entire fund value, inclusive of bonuses can be converted to cash


    • bobet

      Hi Shaira,

      If you are not happy with your coach, reach out to your coach’ coach.
      If you are still unhappy, reach out to your coach’ coach’ coach, and so on.
      Do NOT be stampeded into doing something you do not want to do.

      BUT – you must start now.
      Start saving your money.
      Start learning how to invest your money.
      Start learning how to get proper protection.
      And when you have learned how, and are convinced, then EXECUTE.

      Start by attending the workshops. The workshops are free, although you need a workbook;
      — If you are a new member, you get a free workbook
      — If you are an old member, you can buy a workbook for P100
      — if you are a non-member, you can buy a workbook for P400
      (If you got your workbook for P400, and eventually joined, return your free unused workbook to your SMD and he’ll refund your P400)

      If you are a member already, attend the product trainings too

      Do you intend to attend the workshops in Makati?

      At the World Centre:
      — attend the workshops on saturdays at 4:30pm, or Thursdays at 7pm
      — (members only) attend Kaiser advanced training on Saturdays at 2pm.
      — (members only) attend the mutual fund training on the second and last Tuesday of the month, at 2pm

      Advertisement: you can buy my book too 🙂

      Again, if after the workshops and training you think you do not need the products, do not get the products. If you think you do, ask your SMD or mentor, or the person who invited you to help you get the product.

      We in IMG believe in building our solid financial foundation, and we believe we have the best solutions (we invest in what we preach). If you think you can find a better solution elsewhere, go for it.

      But we hope you learn that you need to build your future, and that you must start NOW!


  13. Hi Striving Writer,

    I notice you have not been approving my posts.
    You have also ignored my offer to help you, yet you say “Pinag-papasahan ka lang”

    If you can give me a name, your name, the person who sold it to you, the person you asked help from, maybe we can help you.

    I am in Metro Manila, I can talk to the Kaiser folks, but unless I have details, they will not entertain me. If you can give me deposit slips or proof of payment, I can guarantee you they will be posted properly to your account.

    If you can give me the name of the person you game money to, I can bring his name to the attention of the IMG management, so it can be investigated properly.

    As it is, you are destroying the reputation of an institution which has educated 150,000 people, which is conducting free financial seminars, which is sponsoring major events like the Wealth Summit and the Kerygma Conference, and which is mentored by the likes of Rex Mendoza, ( former president /CEO of Philamlife and SVP of Ayala Land) , Bo Sanchez, Joen delas Penas.

    In the name of fairness, I hope this bitter talk could stop.

    May you find peace in your heart.

    • Thank you for your kindness, Sir. I have longed move on since 2013 and have continued my financial education without the likes of IMG, which I consider as an MLM company.

      • bobet

        Thank you for finally approving my post.
        You are of course entitled to your opinion.

        Let me go on a little more, not just to express, but to explain.

        I am very sorry you may have encountered some scoundrels along the way, but I assure you that many of us in IMG are mission driven. May I remind you that there are bad eggs in every business, but the world moves on because there are more good people than bad.

        Our President said there are millions of Filipinos who are drug pushers and addicts. But we all know there are more millions of Filipinos like me (and hopefully everyone in this discussion) who are neither pushers nor drug-crazed addicts. But drug pushers of nor addicts or not, we are 100 million Filipinos who are citizens of this beloved country.

        I am a typical IMG trainer. I have personally given free seminars in numerous venues, and have given financial education to thousands of people. I sometimes travel by air, and stay in hotels at my own expense to educate Filipinos. I have offered my advice and financial knowledge in public and private discussion, to people I do not know and people I know I will never meet. I have written a book in conversational Taglish [ Tipid, Ipon, Pagalo at Saya (Pampayaman 101) – How to Grow Rich Slowly but Surely ] for those who are not as comfortable in English as we are. I sell them to educate, and not to profit. I have not met a single person who attended my seminar or read my book who said they did not learn a lot from the seminar or book. I get requests from students and from schools asking me to conduct financial seminars because previous seminar attendees said they learned a lot from our seminars.

        We do this because we in IMG are on a mission to help bless others.

        By belittling IMG because of your sad experience with a few misguided individuals (analogy: the Filipino drug pushers), realize that you are applying your blanket labels and all the negative connotation they entail to 150,000 members (analogy: Filipinos) , including the thousand of active trainers who conduct free financial seminars to teach people how to save, how to invest and how to build a better future. Including myself.

        One of the most important things we teach and recommend to our members is investing in mutual funds at zero load. When our members invest in mutual funds, our members SAVE up to 3.5% in sales load for every transaction.

        That means if they go directly to the mutual fund company and invest P100k, they end up investing about P96.5k only since the MF companies charge up to 3.5% sales load. When our members invest in the SAME mutual funds through IMG/Rampver, 100% of their investment goes to the mutual fund. They invest P100k and the entire P100k is invested, Simply by being IMG members, and learning how to invest the right way, they SAVE 3.5% on every transaction.

        IMG trainers who teach member to invest get ZERO commission (how can you get commission from zero sales load?). They may get commissions on other products, but not on mutual funds, which is the main pure investment vehicle recommended in every financial strategy. Kaiser long term health care, the main subject of this discussion, a combination long term health care, life insurance and investment, is also recommended mainly for its protection benefits.

        In IMG, we emphasize to our trainers:
        — Think about the mission. the commissions will follow.
        — Think about commissions and you fail in your mission.

        Mr. Striving Writer (do you have a name?), if you have moved on, can I ask you to at least not associate IMG and Kaiser with your unfortunate experience with scoundrels?

        There are good and bad MLM companies out there, but all of them convince people to spend, consume products, and borrow money. They think of today, and SELL products that depreciate and lose value over time.

        IMG teaches people to start building their future through savings, reducing debt, proper protection and investing. We teach people to have a simple life, while enjoying and appreciating our blessings. We think of the future and RECOMMEND products that appreciate and increase value over time.

        If you want to label us as an MLM, I’d appreciate if you qualify the reference to “MLM which encourages people to build a better future, save, and invest.”

        And for the record, for transparency,(for more information about me, and IMG and what we do and what we teach)
        — my FB page for IMG:
        — my website:

        To attend our seminars, go to the link below. If you are not from makati, click on one of the links inside the page or write

        Thank you in anticipation of your approval of this post.

      • bobet

        I notice I have a September 2016 post and a Nov 2016 post that have not yet been approved. Did you just miss them?

  14. Cloud9

    Thank you for the information. I have been paying Kaiser K-50 and got problem with late payments. Since I’m working workdays, going to bank is also a bit hard on my schedule. I keep this kind of payment mode so i can really see the deposit slip directly thru bank and not to any rep. It would be convenient thru online banking but i doubt if they could trace it and would cause another issues.
    Going back to my reinstatement form, it’s almost a month now and i still got no any response from the support team even a mere acknowledgement is out of nowhere. Their customer services is not really that good and for a plan holder you should feel secured but i don’t feel it here. I don’t know, to think about the monthly installments,it is actually a bit high compared to other financial life plan but like you i got swayed with words..Hope there could be someone,who have already fully paid the insurance and receiving the perks of KAISER benefits right now and write it up.


    • bobet

      Hi Cloud9,

      Most members have the same problem as you, because of working hours. The best way to pay is actually via bank deposit, or online bank transfer. Just take a clear picture of your deposit slip or a screenshot of the bank transfer confirmation, then upload it.

      If your policy has lapsed, you should first get reinstatement. this is done by filling out a reinstatement form, and paying a reinstatement fee of P300. Coordinate it with your SMD.

      For IMG members, there is an online portal for uploading of all IMG transactions ( ask your SMD about it). For Kaiser planholders, there is an online policy management system (OPMS) where you can see a complete history of all payments from the very beginning, all payments due. You also use it to upload your deposit slips or screen caps documenting your premium payments.

      As long as you have the screen cap/picture of your deposit transaction, Kaiser / IMG can trace your transaction. I had one member complain his payments were not being reflected in his account for six months, because he thought deposits are credited automatically. Fortunately he had images of all deposit slips, and after they were uploaded, the payments were posted in two business days.

      In summary, best way to pay is
      — via bank deposit/online payment
      — upload via OPMS ( )
      — if you do not have access, click on forget password, or write to support or get help from your SMD)

      Hope this helps.

    • Sophia

      Sorry ha pero what is the use na umattend ng srminar ninyoneh sa una pa lang na kumuha ako di na transparent ang explanation ninyo. Daming di sinasabing daoat malaman. So useless lang din na umattend gaya ng suhestiyon mo. Baka siguro dapat ayusin muna ninyo ang systema ninyo at teain ng maigi mga advisors o consultants or whatever you it.
      I regret getting Kaiser if not for my friend who happens to be with group but now had left IMG after duscovering what the company is. So sa mga makakabasa pa nito or nagbabalak kumuha ng Kaiser thru IMG, think 5 times.

      This is my opinion and based on my not so beautiful experience.

  15. Tomas


    Just like any company, IMG and Kaiser are not perfect. The feedback from “Striving Writer” is actually an opportunity for both companies to get better at what they offer to the people. In the process, they will become much stronger companies as time goes by. I just hope that “Striving Writer” can also do a blog post about what IMG and Kaiser should do to improve their services. It’s healthier and more positive IMHO.

    By the way, Kaiser is the official HMO provider of the House of Representatives of the Philippines (Congress). You can check out Congress’ website for more info.


  16. Rexie Ortiz

    I am a Kaiser plan also and I dont have any problems. Im working abroad and everything is online transaction. Ipon reading your blog. Ive noticed that you always point out everutjing to your agent. I have one question have you ever attended kaiser seminars and img seminars? I think you dont understand what you are talking. As an img members one of your benefits is become an agent also. And hey you forget that you dont need to go to img office to pay your payments. You can pay it anywhere banks, remitance center, or at the office and you forget tbat you have an online account given to you. D pk ba ninyo un nabibisita doon po makikita ang payment history ninyo and next paying schedule. Sa nakikita q lng you rely everything to your agent. Im sad that you view everything that way. But I advice napakataleno ninyo para maka sulat ng napakahabang english pero nakalimutan ninyo aralin ang pinasok ninyo. Dahil hindi ninyo naintindihan ano ang pinasok po ninyo. Libre po ang seminar on kaiser product sa office attend po kau para alam nu ang dapat nung gawin. Attend din po kau ng seminar ng members orientation para maliwanagan po kau. And tungkol doon sa d pgkuha ng kaiser pero gusto mo kumuha ng account ng mutual funds pd un its your choice only that if you really understand why you need a health insurance first Salamat

    • Hello, Rexie Ortiz, thank you for reading my blog. Well, the seminars are mostly sales and marketing, minimal on financial education, one reason one of the people I know who have recruited 3 people left for Insular, even tried to sell me his kaiser plan. Everytime I went there, I was always asked if I have already recruited 3 people, even then head of the IMG office in my place. And about my use of English, it’s the language I grew up up.

      Good to hear that you have benefited from IMG. True that I did not know what I was getting into that time, because I was only asked to fill out a questionnaire by a recruit of the img agent who duped me. Thought I would be getting some financial advice, but I was persuaded by the img agent to buy right away. She wasn’t event happy that I did not get 3 recruits for her so she could become MD, like the grandmother of my ex-workmate who became MD ‘coz she recruited her grandsons.

      • bobet


        Maybe you chanced upon a new or not-so-experienced trainer. Many of us in IMG started from various industries, and became financial educators because of the mission. Admittedly, we may have some trainers who “graduated” from previous MLM opportunities who had different motivations, and who might have under-emphasized financial concepts and strategies. The IMG agent you talked to obviously came from an MLM which probably emphasized recruitment. The true IMG trainer emphasizes education. Sabi nga ni Aya Laraya: “Aral muna bago invest.” My first advise to any investor: Start Saving Now. My second advise is: If you do not understand the product, do not buy. Note that saving is not investing.

        If you give me your mailing address, I will send you by courier, a complimentary copy of my book [ TIPS – Tipid, Ipon, Palago at Saya (Pampayaman 101) – How to Grow Rich Slowly but Surely].

        If you give me your email address , I will give you a link to one of my webinar recordings. See for your self what we teach in IMG.

        In my sessions, I teach about
        — Tipid (spending less)
        — Ipon (spend wisely)
        — Palago (grow your money, meaning invest!)
        — Saya ( enjoy your journey)

        These lessons are essentially what we teach in IMG, although the way I presented them (TIPS) is my own way of teaching the lessons.

        The business side of IMG, we teach to those who want to increase their income, or those who want to earn extra, to increase / fund their investments.


  17. TaongKokak

    I’m not happy with the Application System and Support nila.

    • bobet

      Hi Taongkokak,

      There are two general classes of online applications.
      — online transactional systems like online banking and stock trading, where customers transact and transactions are immediately posted.
      — online support systems, where requests are submitted for subsequent processing.

      Online transactional systems are usually fast and responsive because the transactions are time critical.

      In the Philippines, very few people are happy with online support systems, most support is done via emails and ticketing systems.

      Which applications are you unhappy with?

      IMG itself has no online transaction processing, hence no online transactional system.
      Many transactions can be submitted (not posted) online.

      All products are provided by third parties, so the ATRAM investors can access their products through the ATRAM portal, Philam Asset Management through the Philam Asset management portal, Kaiser products through the Kaiser OPMS, etc.


    • Searching

      Sir taongkokak .why your are not happy sir any complications ba?kasi balak ko mag member eh..kaya searching for deatils lang poh nman di ako mapasubo.

      • Mich

        Sis wag na nagsisi lng ako …akala ko pag natapos m workshop makaka avail kna shirt…eh d ka mkakakuha gat dkapa nkaka sali sa kaiser which is wla pa pera pansali…so sabi sakin mag recruit ako para me maibayad ako jan…at twing pnta knlng dun lagi ask asan recruit mo….omg…better kuha nlng philhealth at pag ibig m2….wla k pang maririnig na bakit wla kapa invite 😂

    • Lisa Aine

      I am not happy w/ IMG. Beware!!!

      • Pakin Kulwiwat

        Beware, it’s a red flag.

  18. Searching

    Searching for details ako about img hanggang sa nkita ko ito.nag dalawang isip tuloy ako kung mag pamember ba…aist.

    • jane

      I was planning to pay for my kaiser plan this month and read this post. Maybe I should think many times before paying to kaiser. Thanks for the enlightenment

    • 내 내

      You could avail Kaiser and MF from them but not be a member…I have a friend who did that.

  19. ann

    I am thinking whether where to entrust my mutual fund investment if IMG, AXA or ING. Any suggestions please…

    • Hello Ann, thank you very much for reading. I suggest you deal directly with your mutual fund services company. If you want invest in a mutual fund offering of Sun Life Financial, go to the nearest Sun Life branch near you.

    • jane

      better register to colfinancial broker

  20. joyshirley

    i have the same problem. I signed up for kaiser last 2015 and paid a total of 82,880 last april 2017. But they did not include my last payment (april) in my account and said that my payment period lapsed and i need reinstatement. I sent the receipt to their website. I also contacted the kaiser staff and told her what happened. She said that she will get back to me about this matter. But until now everytime i check my kaiser account, it still says that i need reinstatement.

    Can i refund the payments i made with them?

    • 내 내

      Follow it up like everyday don’t rely on their words

  21. Krizzia Garcia

    Thanks for the enlightenmenent po buti nlang nabasa ko ito…

  22. ranger

    Good day!
    I just started Kaiser health builder this year and I’d like to ask if kung nacompleted ko na po ung payment ko for 7 years, ung po bang total na binayaran ko for 7 years ang magiging cash value ng account ko na expected to yield 5-8% na mag iistart after completion of payment?
    Thanks in advance!

    • Pakin Kulwiwat

      That’s impossible, Kaiser has to earn more money from your money first then they will give you very little profit out of it. Their reason is that, this is long term investment and has life insurance package for 20years. That’s why the amount equivalent for 7years of payment is not anymore the same as you expected. Sorry for those who don’t know about this.


    Thank you for this Im about to be a victim of their persuasive talks.

  24. PinkHouse

    If I had my first payment and membership fee.. pwede ba yun marefund? I just wanna know, kc if they can’t process simple transaction and complaints like that .. how much more when you are to process your 7yrs investment..

    Had my try just this few weeks but parents don’t like the idea of going to private insurance company kc baka maloko lang after or mahirap maprocess mga claims.. to point na wala kang makukuha in the end..
    But I want to defend my decision pero i realized i have no proofs/grounds to share since I don’t know much itong pinasok ko and I don’t know anyone na nagsuccess dito.. or have her investment claimed after fruitful years of paying. 😅

    And your post makes think more than ever just like how my father told me.. why don’t you trust your money to yourself., ndi kung kani-kanino lang.. 😅 *ako’y gulong-gulo

  25. Does Kaiser offers HMO products or investment (VUL) products?
    and are they following IC ( guidelines??
    My uncle got their Kaiser Premium Health Builder last year and he is convincing fme to get one as well… I’m a bit suspicious of it tho.. :/

  26. 내 내

    Too bad you were handled by a swindler agent, because in my case, I got my mutual fund opened first then decided to take a Kaiser Plan…

  27. James

    I’m currently facing issues similar to the original post and
    the problem is almost reaching its 1yr anniversary. Its really letting my down my confidence on this img/kaiserhealthgroup and wondering if I’m going to lose the money I’ve worked hard for. Really disappointing. Their customer support keeps sending vague answer. Makes me wonder if I will face the same answers when I visit their office. Is there any way to bypass their frontline support and talk to someone who can really help with these issues of unposted payments??

  28. Hi Thank you for the given information. I suggest you directly check this link for you to choose from a range prepaid health cards, pay how its most convenient for you and get delivered. Very simple and no hassle free.

  29. Ming

    2014, I was also convinced by a kaiser agent friend to get an insurance..yes its MLM..funny really..I couldnt remember how much i paid but only 1 hete abroad and that my payment is to be given to the agent before remitting it to the Phil.its actually that mode of payment that gave me fear..doubts i was told tgat i will have my payment receipt after he sent my payment.. But what if the payment receipt she would give to me is fake how do i know? What if i keep giving payments but shes nit remitting it…I found it very risky in my part..So after my
    1st payment..i decided to stop..

  30. makoy

    I plan to invest in img before because i have read bo sanchez’s books and got interested in investment. But knowing these discrepancies hinder me in pursuing my interest. The Img recruiter urge me to get kaiser right away and I insisted that I was not interested in kaiser but more interested in mutual fund which is soldivo. She told me that I must get kaiser first bec its the foundation of becoming financially freedom and let me fill out the membership in kaiser. I just told her that I will just come back if my decision is final. Lesson learned! Think many times before taking the actions and do intensive research. Thanks a lot from this blog.

    • Jennyca Patillas

      Hindi naman po pinipilit dapat ang Kaiser po. dapat sinasuggest lang ng agent ang Kaiser. Dito po sa Cebu mababait ang agent, hindi po sila pushy and lagi kang may choices. hinahayaan lang kaming mag decide on our own. di rin sila pushy kung aattend kami sa seminars or hindi. basta lang hine heads up lang kami kung kelan ang training/workshop/seminars. kung investment lang talaga gusto nyo, pwede naman po yun hehe

  31. mary

    hi may i have your email? or please email me.

  32. If you want to know about kaiser you can check

    If you want to know about IMG membership benefits click here.

  33. Rosalia Balitao

    Thank you for posting this

  34. Do2y

    “No Kaiser healthcare plan, no mutual fund. Plain and simple!”

    100% NOT TRUE. My sister is an IMG member and she was able to invest ina mutual fund even without Kaiser.

    • Do2y, 100% true in my case. Because if it’s not, I won’t be writing this.

    • Shey

      You can definitely invest in mutual fund without availing Kaiser. But if you really want to build a strong financial foundation then you must have a health and life insurance first from whichever company you prefer to cover you for unforeseen circumstances since mutual fund is a long term investment. Also, eliminate bad debts and build your emergency fund before getting into investment because if you’re not building it right all might just be wipe out when you get sick.

      • Hmm, too bad the people who “recruited” me into img did not tell me such things, even by that high-earner agent who explained something just like networking during that “school” session, more about recruiting people, the commission stuff.

  35. Grace Gray

    hi. tanong ko lang ko po. paano kung naglapse na? naka 3 years na rin po, emergency po kasi nawalan ng trabaho kaya hindi ko na naituloy. paano po yung naibayad ko? thanks

    • Cofi

      Hi Ma’am, i had almost the same scenario with you po (5yrs nga lang sakin) what i did is i contacted my agent and recheck my account if it’s still active. he told me hindi na, terminated na ang contract kasi 2yrs lang po ang allowance for not paying po ng premium. better try consulting po again to check yours. hope it helps! God bless.!

  36. Kgee

    Well true in your case but did u really know what u get yourself into? I guess u are just that ignorant for not knowing what kaiser does and what WFG is all about. It is whty we always say DIY, u dont need to just depend everything to your agent . You yourself shlold get urself involve in what IMG Mission is nuthead! You and your stupid ego.

    • I am not ignorant. And the way I see it, IMG seems just like a networking group (the name gives away anyway). Networking, do you get it? Please don’t get butt-hurt. Are you even a legit financial planner or just after the commission in img? I know a number of people who are just into the money. I know them.

  37. Kate

    This blog is really helpful in my case though I haven’t invested money yet. I just want to know first if the company I’m going to invest my money from is really trustworthy and not a scam. And I suddenly came across to this blog and it really helped me a lot.

  38. Kate

    Hi Do2y,

    Kindly ask your sister when did she started investing in mutual fund through IMG and was it really yielding?

    Also, if it was really trustworthy to invest money in IMG?

    I hope you could ask her and sorry to trouble you.

    Thank you so much in advance.

  39. Hi Do2y,
    I have a favor to ask from you. Kindly ask your sister when did she start investing in mutual fund through IMG and is it really yielding?

    Also, is the company really trustworthy and a reliable company for investing money.

    I’m sorry for troubling you but I hope you could answer what I’m asking.

    Thank you in advance!

  40. Peter

    First they have borrowed the name Kaiser- misleading people from the popular Kaiser Permanente which IS NOT THE SAME
    it’s a MLM business and we know what that means PROFIT ORIENTED

  41. Alex

    But truth is, we should get people to join IMG and purchase financial products they market from legitimate financial services providers, (mutual funds, real estate, loans, etc). Those entering IMG are told to get a Kaiser plan first before they decide to get another product. In the words of one IMG CEO, you cannot get an investment or mutual fund plan if you have not purchased a Kaiser plan yet.

    No Kaiser healthcare plan, no mutual fund. Plain and simple!

    Good day! Sir

    I beg to disagree with your above statement who on earth told you that if you ate not going to avail Kaiser health plan you can’t buy their mutual funds? I’ve been in Img for 5yrs and it was my first time to hear that. Img is a separate entity with kaiser in other words kaiser is only an affiliate company to Img and regarding with your kaiser payment you can deposit your own monthly installments there ate a lot of remittance center’s and bank near you can directly send it to the company and upload your receipt to your portal and that’s it you can just wait for the verification.

    • Hi Alex,

      What is the first financial product that you bought?

      Since you said that you’ve been investing for 5 yrs. Show me a proof that you’re able to earn from investing your money in IMG. By providing so, then, that I will believe in what you’re telling since I was really also eager to invest in a mutual fund.

      I just need a legitimate one to trust my money for.

      Hope you could follow up. Thank you in advance.

    • The person who told me that was one of the second top honchos (the other one, his wife), given the hierarchy/ranking that time. I attended his “school” session, which was all about recruiting people (he even drew a pyramid and explained how one can earn based on recruitment by others). His session was not about the financial products. This is the truth.

  42. Jerih Mae Hapinat


    I would like to ask if we can demand a refund if ever we decide to stop putting money in Kaiser?

    • Dang

      Hi Jerith Mae…You can refund your money but you won’tget 100% of what you invested in. I already emailed the company and as usua I haven’t gotten a reply yet.

      I called a customer service representative and was told to email tbeir underwriting department to get an estimate figure of hiw I will be able to recover from my payments. He said i won’t get a full refund.

  43. Dang

    This is something I agree with. From my own experience, there are a lot of inconsistencies. I am not happy with them and I felt like I was trapped in a marketing ploy. There are health group companies out there that offers similar products as theirs and much better. as my friend who works for a big insurance company, she finally discovered that Kaiser wasn’t the best deal in town. So for those of you my Filipino friends, be wary and avoid sinking in the hole

    • I will be happy to answer ALL your questions.
      IMG agents are more educators than detailed product experts, because we teach concepts, strategies and solutions;; we do not teach product features.

      Contact me so I can answer all your questions, and tell you why Kaiser Ultimate is probably the best solution you will ever avail of.

      The Insurance Commission recently created a new product category “long term healthcare” especially for Kaiser Ultimate. There is simply no product in the same class. Some insurance product are trying to imitate kaiser but with inferior features:
      — Some have premium paying period of 5, 10 , 15 years, Kaiser has a fixed 7 years.
      — some mature at age 100, Kaiser has fixed maturity of 20 years
      — some have partial return of premiums period of 10 years, and full return at age 100. Kaiser pays partial return of premius for 13 years, then 109% return on the 20th year.
      — none of the other offering so far, are tied to a hospital network. Kaiser has an HMO network of more than 500 hospitals and thousands of doctors and dentists.

      Siempre, yung ahente ng ibang insurance companies will say their solutions are marginally better in some obscure way, but you can’t compare their insurance solution to a true long-term-healthcare solution. Hindi pwede sa hospital emergency room ang solution nila, ang Kaiser pwede.

  44. Rodolfo

    You made a big mistake by not continuing on your membership to Kaiser,

    • I think I made a big mistake by getting kaiser through img. When the staff of a mutual fund company told me he doesn’t trust img, I did not listen. Tsk.

  45. Hello Sir, thank you for sharing your sentiments on IMG, you give us helpful infos so people will know what really that company is. I would like also to take this opportunity to give Sun Life a chance to help you on your financial status. I am a Licensed Financial Advisor of Sun Life of Canada Phils. Inc. You will never go wrong with us. You are right you have to deal with the trusted ones and we are the first Insurance Company here in the Philippines.I am helping others to educate and achieve financial stability for over a year now. If you wanted to know more I am glad to help you. You can see my credibility on my FB Page Laira Pelesco, Sun Life Financial Advisor. Thank you!

  46. Fan

    Thanks sa information, buti nalang dito ako napadpad, I’m planning to invest pero hindi na matutuloy after reading your blog. God Bless you!

    • Hi! Thank you very much for reading my blog! It’s a great pleasure to help you through this post. I encourage you to read more financial/money blogs. Please read Robert Kiyosaki and Marvin Germo. I would want you to check out COL Financial, First Metro Securities, Sun Life, and ATRAM.

  47. Dante Medinaceli

    Trust only Financial Advisors who are licensed by the Insurance Commission. For your financial security, check PRULife UK’s variable unit-linked products (VUL). VUL has two features – life insurance and Investment. Life insurance for you and protection for your dependents in the event something happens to you. the investment component provides you with a forced savings account which works in similar fashion to mutual funds and UITFs. Prulife UK pioneered unit-linked or investment-linked life insurance in the Philippines. The Fund Manager of PRULife is also Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas’ provident funds equity fund manager.
    Please feel free to ask me about these products. Dante Medinaceli, licensed financial advisor of PRU Life UK

  48. Ninakaw Ng Kaiser ang Pera Ko

    Hi, I am also facing a problem with Kaiser International Health Group. I’ve been a loyal customer of Kaiser for more than 2 years or 27 months I took K-100 policy I am paying Php 5,882 monthly. Now my total contribution to them is Php. 158,814.00 For some reason I decided to cancel my policy with them this year and ask for a cash value of my policy. I got very dissapointed with their computation. I was told that the cash value of my policy is just Php.11,229 only. wow! wala po akong nagamit na kahit anong services nila at never ko pang nagamit kahit isang check-up lang. Ngayon ang ibabalik nila sa akin is 7% lang ng pera ko. NAgtanong ako sa kanila through email but until now puro automated response lang ang nattanggap ko. Some of the MD’s from IMG advised me na tapusin ko nalang daw ang 7 years & wait its maturity period which is 20 years – I don’t know what I should do with this policy, Itutuloy ko pa ba ito at dagdagan pa ang perang ayaw na nilang ibalik sa akin or stop ko nalang at bahala na si Lord sa kanila?

  49. Dear Dante Medinaceli,

    Hindi maganda magcomment sa hindi nauunawaan, di ba?
    Parang minamaliit mo ang ibang tao.

    I think you are being presumptious na only financial advisors who are licensed by the Insurance Commission can be trusted.

    Especially since there is no such thing as a financial advisor licensed by the Insurance Commission.

    In case you have not heard, you are probably licensed by the Insurance Commission as an insurance agent, there is no license for financial advisors.

    Maybe people who claim they are licensed for something else can’t be trusted.
    Kung ang doktor nag-claim na licensed structural engineer siya, hindi dapat pagkatiwalaan na structural engineer.

    Maybe other people who are not “financial advisors licensed by the Insurance Commission” can be trustworthy and knowledgeable too.

    Palagay ko, kasama ako doon sa mga pinapatamaan mo na hindi “financial advisors licensed by the Insurance Commission”

    I am with IMG and I understand IMG and Kaiser and the Kaiser Ultimate product.
    I am also a licensed life insurance agent/underwriter from Manila Bankers, and yes, licensed as an agent by the Insurance Commission.

    I am also a Certified Global Financial Advisor (Association of Certified Global Professionals).
    I am also an Associate Financial Planner certified by the Registered Financial Planners institute of the Philippines.

    Iba ang licensed sa certified, ha?

    And I certainly understand all the product types you listed, because I am a customer of said products, and also of Kaiser.

    But unlike you, I teach to educate Filipino families about financial concepts, strategies and solutions, not just about the products I can sell.

    In case you have not noticed, your spiel about VUL and PRU products and mention of BSP are all out-of-topic in this discussion.

    Iwasan lamang sana ang pag-singit sa usapan, habang minamaliit ang ibang tao.

    Okay, pag-usapan natin ulit ang Kaiser Ultimate na galing sa Kaiser, at hindi ang VUL ng PRU.

    Ang typical recommendation ng IMG is:
    — Kaiser Ultimate for long term healthcare + life insurance + invesment
    — term insurance with PDF for life insurance + investmest + emergency fund
    — mutual fund for long-term-investment.

    And we work with Rampver Financials, the largest non-bank mutual fund distributor in the country. Unlike most financil professionals who are obsessed to recommend their one product, we always recommend a combo of synergistic solutions to help build a solid financial foundation.

    Ang excellent solutions, gaya ng technology, kapag advanced at innovative, minsan hindi nauunawaan ng iba ang concepts, strategy and solution, kaya akala nila magic o witchcraft at pipintasan.

    Education lang ang sagot diyan. Kung gusto matutunan, (at huwag maiwanan), mag-attend ng seminar, mag-attend ng webinar, o manood ng recorded webinar.

    • Raphael

      Mr. Prudente sa totoo lang sa karanasan namin ng 2 ko pang kasama na dating taga IMG, pare patehas lang ang naging karanasan namin na di raganda sa KAISER. Maraming hindi diniscuss at hindi naging honest at transparent. Bukod pa duon isa sa hindi ko matanggap hanggang ngayun ay ang hindi pagtugon ng Kaise sa mga katanungan ko thru email. Inabot ng mahigit kumulang na 2 buwan ng makakuha ako ng sagot at mali pa ang isinagot sa akin. Tila ang company ay iniiwasan at ayaw sagurin ang mga taning patungkol sa CANCELLATION at REFUND. Bakit??????
      Di ko maunawaan bakit sa mga emails ko hindi consistent at paiba iba ang mga tugon. Ang layo ng sagot sa tinanong ko. I asked for the process to cancel my plan but unfortunately, they gave me a very different remote answer. Umiiwas ba kayo sa ganuong katanungan.
      Iyung kaibigan ko nga hindi na tinuloy ang paghuhulog dahil hindi naging totoo ang mga sinabi ng mga taga IMG sa kanya. Honestly, it is all about the getting members so they can reap the rewards of recruting people in. Networking pa din ang company na IMG at ang Kaiser hindi maaasahan sa customer service pa rin.
      This is my opinion and i stand by it because of the lack of care of both IMG and KAISER to its members.
      Isa pang point tungkol sa Murual Funds na ini-offer thru your company. BAKIT SINASABI NG IBANG MEMBERS NINYO NA WALA NG BACK CHARGES AGAD AGAD KAPAG KUMUHA KA NG MUTUAL FUND THRU IMG? Eh sa totoo lang kapag long term ang holding mo period mo eh duon lang nawa-waive iyun. Kunwari 5 to 10 years wala ng back charges iyun halos. Dapat hindi nagbibigay ng explanation ang mga members ng IMG kung hindi sila financial advisor or whatever you call it

      Hindi ko minamaliit ang ibang mga katulad mo kaya lang sa loob ng IMG at KAISER eh tila marami ang hindi maalam sa inooffer nila.

      Overall, worst ang experience ko sa KAISER at sa IMG. Dapat siguro re-organize ulit at train the so-called advisors to be honest and transparent sa mga plans at products na ino-offer.

    • Raphael

      Sorry ha pero what is the use na umattend ng srminar ninyoneh sa una pa lang na kumuha ako di na transparent ang explanation ninyo. Daming di sinasabing daoat malaman. So useless lang din na umattend gaya ng suhestiyon mo. Baka siguro dapat ayusin muna ninyo ang systema ninyo at teain ng maigi mga advisors o consultants or whatever you it.
      I regret getting Kaiser if not for my friend who happens to be with group but now had left IMG after duscovering what the company is. So sa mga makakabasa pa nito or nagbabalak kumuha ng Kaiser thru IMG, think 5 times.

      This is my opinion and based on my not so beautiful experience.

  50. Sean

    Bakit walang official facebook account yung Kaiser International Health Group para mas mabilis silang makasagot ng queries? Thank you!

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