Increasing Prices, Decreasing Consumer Confidence

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The economy is in bad shape, and so is my wallet. (Image from

Price increase decreases consumer confidence

The Philippines’ economy is improving, the president said. Things like that, it is always easy for him to say that, being lucky to reap the harvests from the seeds planted by the previous administration. After all, he is the president, well-groomed, well-fed and well-attended to.

Seven months ago when I started to work for my current employer, I had witnessed prices of goods or services going up like crazy. For example, in most carinderias (eateries), one serving of rice used to cost PhP 7. It later increased to PhP 9 and stayed there at that rate for some time until it is now PhP 10. One carinderia manager said the sudden price increase is due to the rampant rice smuggling in the country.

Even the viands did not escape price increase, thus ruining my much of my appetite in the process. The average viand used to cost PhP 25. Now, it’s PhP 30.

As if it is not enough, a pack of ginger tea is now PhP 43.75. Last month, it was just PhP 38. Last year, it was PhP 35. Tsk, tsk, tsk.

At a mall near my place, there is this food kiosk that used to sell 5-piece siomai at PhP 25 and stir fried pancit at PhP 20. Now, they both cost PhP 30. I don’t eat there anymore. I have lost my appetite.

Power hike. Oil price hike. Water hike. SSS premium hike. And even Cebu Pacific is following suit.

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Desperate times, desperate measures. What’s your measure to survive? (Image from

One cannot help but to feel angry or depressed about the increasing prices of goods, on the increasing fees of services. Here at the Internet cafe where I am typing this post, the rental fee had increased to PhP 12 per hour.

What’s there to spend in this inflation? What’s there to spend if we are fast losing the value of our hard-earned money?

The Philippines’ economy improving? The Philippines’s consumer confidence higher than Indonesia’s? Some people must be joking.

How I wish I am the president of the Philippines!


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