Five Years in The City and Still Making No Noise

Thanks to my cousins, I got a job, escaped joblessness, and avoided charity. (Image from 8track)

Thanks to my cousins, I got a job, escaped joblessness, and avoided charity. (Image from 8track)

“Where you treasure is, there your heart will be also.”

How time flies! How it makes one young or old… or depressed!

Five years ago, I stepped into this city, in a province famed for its tourist attractions, religious-cultural celebration, lechon, guitars and dried mangoes. Sunny day it was back then when a cousin and his wife brought me to his brother who would later help me find jobs twice in the metro. For a few months I stayed under his roof until I moved out to live on my own.

Five years and still striving and struggling to fulfill my goals in life, to make ends meet, to prepare for a better future and moreover, to enjoy life to its fullest. Life is one hard subject to pass, and it is enjoying life that I cannot understand.

Five years and I am still lonely and broke.

I did not make many friends (sticking to the strictest sense of the word), just acquaintances. I made acquaintances out of workmates and some people associated with them, fellow tenants and very few people I met on the way. I have not heard much from them now. They are not friends, but just people I know.

I also am estranged from people I used to hang out with in the metro and those I was close. For one, a close pal from high school no longer keeps in touch. My close one from college, we now barely connect and go out to places. Add to that, money issues forced two cousins to cut ties with me so I cannot collect their debts.

I would like to think that the more problems I have, the more I am cut off or isolated from people.

Anyway, I still have my life. I don’t care about being well-connected with people in high places, not being able to hang out with friends in fancy places. I don’t care if my life is mundane, my night life boring or I have no places to go on Sundays.

I don’t care, sang one Kpop group I dislike.

I don’t care if I’m still making no noise. Better be noiseless and no friends than noisy and broke. (I’m in a very bad financial situation, but that would be another article.)

Five years and still I haven’t achieved much in my career. Five year my goals for a better life are still stuck in the planning stage. I hate to admit it, but I might have wasted the last five years of my life. What have I been doing after all?




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