The Best Music Videos I Have Watched This Year

snh48 river

SNH48 ready to rock their version of AKB48’s “River”. (Image from

Kind of a hard year for me. A year I’d like to forget after 2008. I want to forget all the bad things that happened to me this year, at work, with my finances, relations with people. I would want to forget people and things. But not the music videos that I have watched this year.

Some old, some new and all are delicious ear candy. Bad that almost all these videos are not seen on the Myx Channel and the songs not even played on Philippine FM stations. If Filipino jockeys can spin Gangnam Style and those Kpop things, why not something from AKB48? If they can play Kanye West and Taylor Swift, why not Mihimaru GT and Morning Musume? Music indeed from the other side of the globe could be better than that coming from the United States and United Kingdom.

While many country are into One Direction, Taylor Swift, teen heartthrobs and Kpop, I am in to a bit of Jpop (because they do good music videos) and songs that barely get airplays in local music video and FM stations. Because not all the famous things are the best, even the most followed trends end up being crappy material like Kanye West’s “Bound 2” for one.

But yeah, we all have different tastes. I respect that. Forgive me if I did you wrong.

Anyway, here are the best music videos that I have watched this year. Why these songs? Well, they are fun to watch, the song gives with the he concept of the video, great storyline and the video did justice to the song and the artist interpreting it. Enjoy!

  • Gomen ne, Summer by SKE48 – Fun danceable track. The beautiful background provides a warm summer setting. Bonus: the gals are beautiful to watch, especially the young Jurina Matsui.

  • Darkness by SKE48 – Need more proof why times SKE48 is better than elder sister AKB48? Let this video show you why, and know why the center of this video Jurina Matsui is the rising face of the 48 franchise.

  • Still In To You by Paramore – A fun rock track. My favorite after “Crushcrushcrush”. Paramore is good to listen to again.

  • River by SNH48 – The Chinese version of AKB48’s famous track sounds better to the ears than the original one and even the Indonesian version by JKT48. No offense but the Chinese gals are prettier too.

  • Yaruki Switch by Becky – Becky can sing. Solenn Heusaff, Anne Curtis, Georgina Wilson and Isabelle Diaz cannot. Period. And yeah, Anne Curtis cannot buy music.

  • Sakura Color by GreeeeN – So ‘sakura’ is Japanese for cherry blossom, huh? Cherry trees, a fixture in Japanese cities and towns as banana and coconuts trees are in my hometown.

  • Heroes by GreeeeN – The fate of the world lies in the powers of a cute schoolgirl. The Avengers, the X-Men, and the Justice League were not around when we need them.

  • Sunshine by Matisyahu– The desert is the land of sunshine.

  • Nante Bohemian by AKB48 Undergirls – The Undergirls bring back things beautiful and glamorous in music videos.

  • Salamander by Ellegarden– Two words: IT ROCKS.

  • Kataomoi Finally by SKE48 – The kissing, the slapping,car crash and fireworks – what more can you ask for?

  • Catolico Soy – Hispanics express their faith through their love for music.

  • Next Flight by Passpo – Japanese idol music meets LA rock metal abroad an exciting flight.

  • Majijo Teppen Blues by AKB48 – Music inspired by Japanese girls fighting.

  • Baka Anong Isipin Mo – A love tune in Pinoy rap style. Melodic, sweet and sad.

  • 10 Nen Go No Kimi E by Tomomi Itano – One of AKB48’s well-known star belts a sad sorry tune.

  • Arigatou by Funky Monkey Babys – A song of thanksgiving for great teachers who inspire their students. I dedicate this to a former househelp who taught me how to read – and appreciate reading.

  • Aruiteru by Morning Musume – Great song when taking a walk. Perhaps the best walkin’ video after The Verve’s Bittersweet Symphony.

  • Wonderful by Everclear – Rock track from 2000, years before Kanye West, Justin Beiber, Nicki Minaj et al, polluted the airwaves.

  • Promise by Mihimaru GT – The best music video is always done in a great countryside.

  • iBelieve by Communion – Catholic/Christian rapper expresses his love to God, commitment to Christ and fidelity to the Church.

  • Get You by BiS and Dorothy Little Happy – Two idol groups collaborate in a slappin’ track.

  • Vitalization by Nana Mizuki – Because Nana Mizuki is pretty and she looks great in the costume she wore for this music video.

  • Magda by Gloc-9 and Rico Blanco – Jennylyn Mercado is one of my few favorite celebrities and she did great playing the role of a stripper in this video.


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