How Yolanda Made A Day I Cannot Forget

24 days after the Oct. 15 earthquake or the Eid al-Adha earthquake, Visayas went through another natural calamity – caught in another storm to be specific. Hell hath no fury like a scorned Mother Earth who unleashed super typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan), one of the strongest storms ever recorded.

Two days before the rage of Yolanda was to take place, a board-mate informed me about the coming of a super typhoon. I was not into news lately so I was surprised. I immediately turned on the radio to check if he was right.

He was right after all. The radio broadcaster urged the listeners to prepare for the super storm and to pray for people’s safety.

It was Nov. 6. I then bought enough drinking water and charged my phones to anticipate any power failure

Next day, Nov. 7. we reported half day at work. I went home late. On the way home, I stopped at a grocery store to buy some biscuits, coffee and milk. Back home, I stored enough water and charged my phones again. That evening, it was reported that the province was at signal #4.

Next day, I realized I was not fully prepared for Yolanda.

Nov. 8. The rainfall was heavy and the winds strong when I went out to buy bread. Few people and vehicles out. When I returned to the boarding house, power’s nowhere to be found.

It was too late for me to seek shelter at my cousin’s place. The weather’s getting worse. No public utility vehicles were out plying their routes.

Yeah, I was safe but I was foolish to be unprepared. I forgot to do a few things earlier. I forgot to take a bath, do my laundry and fill my large pail with water. I even forgot to buy candles and a lighter. How stupid of me! And while Yolanda was land-falling in the northern part of the province, we lost water connection and electricity.

I slept while Yolanda ravaged the country.

From mid-day to afternoon, the rain subsided but the wind was still strong. I passed the time reading some old news magazines.

Past six, I went out. It was dark. I went out to buy food, candles and lighter at the nearby Savemore market and 7-Eleven, both of which got electricity from their generator.

I really was not prepared enough for Yolanda.

Electricity and water connection resumed the next day. And I am already in great distress.


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