Some Thoughts About My Present (and Past) Employment

Next month will be the 4th month of my probationary contract of employment under my present employer (another BPO company in the city publicized as the Queen City of the South of the Philippines). Thanks God and to my cousin, I got a job right after I left my previous company (which soon folded up physically after I left). With the rent and health plan to pay, I cannot imagine being unemployed for a long time.

So far at the 2nd company I’m working for, things are good. I have workmates to relate to. (At my previous company, I was the only writer.) The work schedule is very flexible, meaning I can report for work anytime in the work as long as I can do eight or nine hours. But as force of habit, I often report early than most workmates and I leave a little late to get all articles done, prepare and cross-browse a few things.

The most important thing, I still have my daily cups of coffee. Coffee is my creative juice. I need lots of it. For one, it helps me to stay awake at work.

Because of my lingering social anxiety disorder, I did not do much to socialize with workmates, to know them and have fun with them at work. I communicate with my fellow workers, most often about work. I address my workmates out of respect, courtesy, and professionalism, though.

The only two things social I do is to have lunch with them and go out with them on team-building activities. But that’s just there. I have the choice to lunch alone and to be absent from team-building activities. But I choose not to strain relationships and yeah, I still would want workmates to remember somethings about me.

Just this month, we moved out from our old site near the provincial capitol to a commercial building near a high tech business park where most BPO companies are located and where high tech professionals congregate. The boss wants to be closer to peers in the BPO industry. This led me to recall one thing.

My previous company was located in the city where I live (a city which pride itself as the gateway to the north of the province). The managers and the partners thought of moving to the high tech business park. Various tongues spread that the managers wanted to upgrade their social and business standings, something achievable by putting up business in an upscale location like the high tech park.

But these were all plans. We never moved out. The company closed physically after months of management problems and financial instability. Like me and former workers at the company, the managers were victims of broken promises by inept partners who are based in Australia.

Things can be bad recalling for someone who can remember.

Back to my present company, I am quite content and satisfied. I am slowly moving on. But I still don’t know what to do in life. Pray that more opportunities come on my way.

Here’s to the success of my present company.


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