Keep Reading! (An article by Andrew Sercombe)

(Note: I love reading. It’s one of the hobbies I can stand for. Reading expands the mind and understanding of things. Here I share a great article from an English self-help/motivation coach, teacher and NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming) practitioner Andrew Sercombe. This is in his book 50 Ways To A Better Life Millennium Edition, Copyright 1999.)

Keep Reading!

Clearly you are a connoisseur of books or you wouldn’t be reading this one! Or perhaps someone gave it to you a few months ago and you have been struggling to get this far?

Books enable us to gain, as our own, the rich insights and wisdom of men and women from both the past and the present. We can see the world differently by looking at it through their eyes.

Keep calm and love reading quote.

Image from Hawaii Community College Reading Lab

Here are some simple principles on books and reading:

Leaders and readers

To influence the world for good you need to keep yourself fresh and have something life-giving to contribute each day. There is so much to learn from others – people who are specialists and you may never meet. Thankfully many of them have given us the privilege of knowing what they have learned for just a few pounds, dollars, or euros. They wrote a book – and you can read it!

Make the book your own

Make sure the time and money you spend on reading is worth it by writing notes in the margin and trying to catch the ‘heart’ of the author.

Avoid rubbish

Rubbish in, rubbish out. Life is too short for me to waste it filling up my mind with smutty, degrading, violent, or abusive literature. Whatever is honourable, whatever is of good reputation, whatever builds you up and is worthy of praise – fill your mind with these things.

Milk it of its value

A good book is worth reading more than once. Go back to it and re-read it. Then explain it to someone else. It is in explaining something to another person that we gain the greatest clarity in it. If what you read is good, put it into practice.

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