Reminiscing My Days As A Britney Spears Fan Boy

Brtiney Spears magazine covers

Britney Spears of the old times (image from

Musing of a Britney Spears fanboy

Are you a over-obsessed fan of artists or just an ordinary fan of songs?

About 10 years ago, I was an over-obsessed fan of Britney Spears. I was an instant fan after I first heard “Lucky” and “Oops!… I Did It Again“, the latter which I had thought to be a James Bond movie soundtrack. I was wrong. I was just an ordinary pop song, but not so. “Oops!… I Did It Again” earned Spears a Guinness World Record for a 3rd No. 1 UK single by a female teenage artist on the UK charts.

britney spears oops i did it again album

I bought a bootlegged copy of this album 10 years ago – a consolation after losing a history contest

Yeah, I was an over-obsessed fan then. I collected newspaper clippings of hers and approached classmates and acquaintances if they have a Britney CD or cassette tapes. I went further in “my great love” (or was it “obsession” or “infatuation” for Britney). I was sick one August Sunday of 2002 but i managed to bike to my classmate’s home to borrow a VCD of one of Britney’s concert. But what she lend me was VCDs of Madonna and Mariah Carey music videos. But because I love watching music videos (until now), it was OK.

A far distant cousin who was also a schoolmate, knew how much I loved Britney. He approached me to ask if I would want a ‘burned’ copy of her 3rd album Britney. I did not hesitate. I replied in the affirmative. Days later, I happily played it at home.

Britney Spears one more time 1999 album

The first album

I went on to possess four more Britney Spears merchandises: Her first album …Baby One More Time which I had a classmate buy for me; a special edition song magazine which I bought from another schoolmate; a cassette of the 4th album In The Zone which my mother bought for me as an advance birthday gift; and a Blender magazine which featured her on the cover. The magazine was a gift from my brother.

But as 2004 went by, my love for Britney Spears began to fade, my obsession wearing out. It was that I had disliked the change in her musical direction since In The Zone. I even had a difficulty listening to the fourth album which is why I have no favorite songs from there. Maybe I was just enamored with her old teen pop image then, not the sexy and sultry, the adult and mature image which she has projected since 2007. You could say I was not ready to accept the new Britney or you could say I failed to accept her change. It’s either way.

Well, I don’t listen to her new songs. Her collaboration with Will. I. Am “Scream and Shout” is a total crap, a lyrical fecal matter, a melodic trash. Yeah, I don’t like Will. I. Am too.

Gone is my obsession for Britney Spears. Gone also is my obsession for artists. Or is it so?

I will explain this in the future.

Right now, I contend myself with listening to vintage Britney Spears.

Recommended listening or watching:

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