Selfie: Picturing Yourself With Impunity

All about the selfies

(Author’s Note: I could have include a few selfies in this post to establish my point. However, I decided against it as I don’t want to offend certain people who might see their selfies here. I could have snatched a few selfies from some Facebook friends, but I don’t want trouble. )

It is all over Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. People who own mobile devices are doing it like mad. Times a changing? Really. With the introduction on increasingly affordable mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, social media and easy Internet or Wi-Fi access, people, especially celebrities, can now take their own pictures using their own devices, and yea…without help from anyone. This is the age of selfie.

What is a selfie? This soon-to-be word of the year does not need a dictionary to explain itself. The term is already suggestive. A selfie is a self-take photograph, one you take by pointing your device at you.

Have you ever tried taking your own picture by your own? You can do this with your device, right? This is not something you can do with a conventional camera. You don’t need someone to click the device for you. You just turn your device’s camera app on, hold your device properly, point it at you, stretch, estimate the angle and click. And post. Enough said.

When I still had my camera-phone functional, I sometimes take pictures of myself, but somehow I never posted them on Facebook, MySpace and Friendster. Why? Because I realized I am no Mr. Photogenic. I understand I was not handsome enough (until now) to take my own pictures. I admit I feel insecure and inferior of my physical appearance, but I never wish that I want to look like Daniel Padilla, Coco Martin, John Lloyd Cruz and Piolo Pascual.

Well, it is because I don’t want to publicize my looks. I am shy.

The social media age somewhat brings the narcissist in us. We love ourselves. We admire ourselves as we look into the mirror. And now we take pictures of ourselves and post them on social media for every one to see. Social media is the new mirror. Yeah, people also look into the mirror to take selfies. Narcissism comes twice.

Kodak cameras and Fuji films are on their way to the museums as Samsung, Apple, Cherry Mobile and MyPhone devices are raking in sales. With tablets and smartphones getting cheaper everyday, who would not be tempted to splurge on them? Loving ourselves is becoming affordable too.

Some people who take selfies are not narcissists but plain archivists like me. As an archivist, I want to know how I look through the years. I never want to brag about my looks and to post them. Some people take selfies as some form of journal taking. They want to have memories of what they did in certain times and they keep it to themselves, never sharing it online. Sadly, our purposes for selfies differ with the narcissist and they outnumber us.

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