My Social Media Experience: Ain’t No Space Bigger Than Myspace

Though most of my college peers into Friendster, my first ever social media account was MySpace. Why MySpace? One time I recalled my sister telling me she also had MySpace and Bebo accounts. And because I am bit of a loner or anti-social, not wanting to join my acquaintances in Friendster yet, that’s it. Besides, I perceived MySpace to be way cooler than Friendster.

An example of a MySpace profile

An example of a MySpace profile

It was early 2009 then, so ignorant on how social networking works, and so stupid and immature, lacking proper online etiquette. But it did not matter to me. Like many others, I was excited.

It was not that difficult to learn how MySpace works. Sending friend requests, messaging, posting, blogging and viewing other people’s profiles and photos…especially profiles and photos of beautiful ladies.

Girls, Girls, Girls?

Sending friend requests to beautiful ladies? I did not feel stupid then doing that. I know this is nothing to be ashamed of. Many people do send requests to people whom they are never acquainted with, let alone having one mutual friend between them. Moreover, guys would like to meet (or flirt) with ladies online, right?

Up to date, I have about 249 friends, a great plurality of them are (ahum) ladies who accepted my requests. However, there was minimal or almost no communication with them, except for one who later became my first girlfriend in real life but that’s another story. My girlfriend perceived me to be a player then, something which I was ashamed of.

what was the motivation of sending the requests? I have to admit most of these ladies are very pretty (judging their photos). They have sexy photos too. I got eye strain.

But flirting will ladies was a distant past. I would like to forget it except for my girlfriend. I am still into MySpace for one reason below. (Because I no longer communicate with my girlfriend through MySpace.)


I love music. I am a great fan of songs (not of artists anymore). I believe MySpace fed me more music than anything or anyone else, all except for YouTube (another blog post on that coming up) and the MP3 file-sharing sites MP3skull and 4shared.

A screenshot of one of my MySpace playlists

A screenshot of one of my MySpace playlists

I easily learned how to create playlists on MySPace and add songs to a playlist. I have 20 playlists, mostly old songs from artists including the Backstreet Boys, Michael Learns to Rock, Bon Jovi, Britney Spears, Steps, Michelle Branch, Aaron Carter, Linkin Park, Mandy Moore, Aaron Carter, Westlife, Nsync, A1, Evanescence, Limp Bizkit, Creed, Kelly Clarkson, Avril Lavigne, Lady Sovereign, Sarai, and many more old tunes from the times when music was still music.

It was also through MySpace that I was exposed to one kind of a genre which I would diss later: Kpop or Korean pop. I used to listen to Kpop until I came across many over-obsessed and ill-mannered fans who worship Kpop artists as gods and goddesses which every music fan should adore. But this post is not about them anyway.

The 2009 viral hit “Nobody” by Wonder Girls, I first heard on MySpace, and I think I am the first person in my country to have heard that. I heard the song on March 2009, but it became popular in my country the 3rd quarter of the year. I came upon Wonder Girls on MTV with their song “So Hot”. I became attracted right away because they were pretty (ahum).

I also added some music acts as friends some of which I would like to mention here: Katie Voegele, Meg and Dia, Marie Digby, Switchblade Scarlett, Dead Wasps, The Veronicas, Sakred Plague, Avenged Sevenfold, Kiss Corona, Bat for Lashes, Living Dead Lights, Pixie Lott, Tokio Hotel, Awake by Design, Sadeae and many more of various genres. You should give them a listen.

Many of the unknown musicians who added me on MySpace, I exchanged messages with them even for a while. There was this one band from the United Kingdom who deplored the popularity of Justin Beiber in their country. There was also this solo singer who hails from my country but is practicing her craft abroad. She messaged me that she wanted to come back home one day.

If there is one thing I love about MySpace, it is the music.

Like any other social media sites, MySpace has a new look, but I am still using classic MySpace because old is better.

I have longed deleted my personal information, blog posts and photos from my personal account. I have realized I am social media whore no more.


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