Technology and Our Changing Habits


Shitting with Apple: Man using iPad while defecating (Image from

Technology = changes in attitude, lifestyles

Things are fast getting digital and there’s no holding it (except for power outages). Modern trends are creeping into people’s psyche. Even without a though, we are conforming to it no matter how expensive it would be (because there are many loan we can apply of and easy payment schemes we can avail to obtain an iPhone or a Samsung Galaxy note). Oh, the society, but I am loving it.

Thanks to technology, our (fun) activities now come with a modern twist. Come to think of it:

  • We now watch TV and listen to FM stations from our cellphones.
  • The cassette tape is long gone and the CD and DVD formats still remain as physical copies for music, but MP3 is the more popular format. With songs in MP3 format, one can now easily store music in their mobile devices and share them on email and through Bluetooth. Yes, you no longer borrow tapes or CDs from your friends. You can no longer touch a music collection.
  • And yeah, our mobile phones are now our music players too. MP3 players have long rendered the Walkman and the Discman and the Boombox obsolete. They now belong to the museum.
  • We no longer store or keep our pictures as hard copy but soft copy in our computer drives, external memory or mobile phones. Our photo albums are no longer things we can hold as they are now in Facebook and Instagram. Our picture frames are no longer found in our bedrooms and living rooms but as wallpapers in our mobile devices.
  • We used to say a prayer or grace before meals. Now, before meals (especially at a fancy restaurant), we take pictures of our meals (because we have Apple and Samsung mobile devices on our hands rather than prayers on our minds).
  • Times ago, it used to be you, a newspaper or magazine and coffee at the front porch or lawn of your home. Now, it is you, an iPad or a Samsung Galaxy and an expensive coffee at Starbucks or Bo’s Coffee. The high prices we pay for our devices serve as premium so we can invest in our self-image. Therefore, our devices give us the license to show off, right?

Couple talking to their devices at dinner table (Image from

  • Before social networking ever become the ‘in’ thing, it does not matter if you don’t know many people, but now, you should, especially if you are regular on Facebook. The more friends you have on Facebook, the bigger your brain is, a study reveals. One question: Do you ever know or meet all your 1,000 friends or even 100 of them?
  • You can now flaunt your beautiful, curvaceous body on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for the universe to see.
  • You now have more time to check out your friends and celebrities on the Internet but no more time to even visit them.
  • Before, you would keep your thoughts to yourself, but now you need to share and post them on your social networking sites and blogs.
  • With Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, we now have the urge to announce the whole country where we go, what we do or what we have for meals. Narcissism at its best.
  • Before we need to go to school to be an expert. Not anymore. You only need a computer or laptop and Internet connection and you are good to learn (to be stupid).
  • Aspiring musicians used to record demo tapes and mail them to record executives. Not anymore too. Just record a video of yourself, upload on YouTube and waiting for you to become a trending topic. If anything else, ask Justin Beiber or Charice Pempengco.

The things people now easily too and our changing habits, all thanks to technology.


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