The Christmas Season is Now


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Christmas: a season to renew hope

With the new Advent season rushing in, I can now feel this is the Christmas season. In my country, when September kicks in every year, it is Christmas, and many Filipinos feel the jolly season in advance even if Advent has not started yet. If you ask me, Christmas is still far away from September and I do not feel any rush to put up decorations. But I cannot tell people off when they begin putting up their decors at homes or offices and playing Christmas songs. Who am I to tell them off?

But with Advent now, I can feel it is Christmas. But what’s the deal with it?

For people who do not celebrate Christmas, it is no big deal as they might have no reason to celebrate what’s coming. But for many of us who strive to strengthen faith and restore hope and confidence in our respective lives, we approach the perfect season to do so in solidarity with many others all over the world. This is the great season to renew our faith and hope, our relationship with God (if you believe one) and connections with loved ones.

Some people will waste no words in downplaying the celebration of Christmas and will ridicule our observance of the occasion. Some will not even understand why we have to renew something in a certain day every year.

We can do what we want every day of the year, right? We have 365 days for certain things, but it is worth to do so on a perfect date. We did not mark our calendars for nothing at all. There are reasons why we have red-letter days on our calendars. We feel excited for a certain event. We feel excited awaiting it. Our joy cannot be contained as we approach a very special day like a birthday or anniversary.

Christmas is more than the presents we will receive or the parties we will be invited. It is our preparation for the new year ahead, for the future to come. There is no other time as perfect as the Christmas season to strengthen, renew and restore our faith, hope and relationships.


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