The Problem With Collecting Money From People


The problem money can bring to people, and the way debtors or borrowers can get away with refusing to pay.

Have you ever lend money to people? If so, do you ever feel tired of collecting it from them, especially from people who show no intentions of repaying you?

When I was still of elementary school age, I borrowed some money from a female classmate to buy food for recess. She made me promise that I would pay next week. Without even knowing what a ‘promise’ is or what she meant by it, I ‘promised’ that I would. Young and stupid I was then and not yet knowing about being serious and responsible, I reneged on my promise when next week came and I even acted as if I never owe money to anyone. My classmate was not pleased yet not angry too. She just simply told me I broke my promise.

I knew it was not a compliment. I saw in her face the displeasure which resulted from my stupidity and lack of concern. Not only I had felt stupid that time but guilty too. I cannot help but think about it, so I decided to repay her after another week. And I did. On the day I paid my debt, I felt better.


Years passed by, I have came upon a saying “The borrower is the slave of the lender.” Looking back to that experience mentioned earlier, I realized I was a slave to my debt, and I was sure my classmate then does not want to enslave me: She only wanted me to pay on time. However, I was her ‘slave’ for two weeks. I was enslaved by my guilt for failing to pay my debt on time. Now I know why people say money is every people’s master. As what I am reminded by other people’s misfortunes in their debts: Do not borrow and do not purchase beyond your means.

When I was still at college, some people used to borrow money from me but it was money I do not earn that time as they were given to me by my parents. One particular person who had borrowed from me was a cousin six years ago. She wanted to buy milk for her baby, and I cannot do a disfavor to her. She still has to pay what she had borrowed from me.

I can say that this cousin has always been a slave of many lenders. I heard she borrowed money from many of her colleagues and not understanding the gravity of her financial incapacity, she even misused her loan to buy cable TV. One time, the cops were outside her home to arrest her as her lenders considered filing charges against her. I really don’t want to be like here.

Then came the years when I am employed. Relatives, former schoolmates and acquaintances borrowed money from me, many of them forgetting to pay and having no intention to pay. You should now how difficult it is for me to collect money from them. The hell of it as I am now undergoing my own financial crisis.


It was easy for them to approach or message me and borrow from me as I do not let them go through the needle. They pleaded and I pitied them and they promised to pay. But look what they have done? They have made things hard for me to collect their debts. They act as if they do not owe me money. Worse, they made me forget their debts by not bringing up the topic whenever I meet them.

My late father used to handle such people before. The day when he had died, many debts go unsettled and his borrowers walked happy and free. Even my mother is used to such people. They even evaded my parents and acted as if they do not know them.

There is an old saying in my town, “Utang, lipay-lipay; bayad, likay-likay.” This is my province’s vernacular for “borrowing, you are happy, and paying, you are evading” and this is what my borrowers or ‘slaves’ are doing to me right now. I don’t want to enslave them. I just what them to pay on them especially that I am in great need of money right now.



People are people… when it comes to money.

Such people you cannot lend money to. They will forget their debts and you (the lender) on purpose. This is one reason why I rarely borrow money from people and why I have to pay on time. I don’t want to annoy people, and moreover, I don’t want to burden them with my debts. I don’t want to promise or even break one. I don’t want to be a delinquent borrower.

I don’t want to be anyone’s slave or servant when it comes to money. It is enough that I have my own problems with money, but to pretend that I am rich, to borrow and purchase beyond my means and later sell myself to slavery? Never!


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