Part-Time Work: Is It Worth?


College student doing part-time work in a coffee shop (Image from Business Insider)

This is the hard times. Finances are tight and with the economical collapse, you would feel your regular 9-to-5 job can no longer sustain your household and provide for your own needs. Instead of hunting for a new job that can offer you a fat paycheck (as job vacancies are hard to come by these days), the option is to look for a second job or a part-time job.

I had a few part-time jobs since I got employed three years ago. i wrote articles and content, posted comments on blogs and performed SEO link building (backlinking). I was paid between PhP200 to PhP2500, not a bad sum for a bloke who needs additional cash.

A part-time job is the last option for people who are  trying to make ends meet. As a writer, I accept part-time writing work (because they are the ones I can do with ease and also that I am also an employed content writer). For some people, their part-time can differ with their regular job. For instance, a cop can moonlight as a yoga instructor (watched Hollywood Homicide?) after duty. A computer programmer can be an real estate agent during weekends. A teacher can sell sausages and sweets when not at class. Even a barber can serve as a church deacon every Sunday.

I believe there are people who serve a few hours as guns-for-hire, hookers, drug pushers, robbers, smugglers, etc. Money is hard to come by today and with everything going up from the price of bread to a minimum fare, we don’t care what the part-time job is as long as it provides food on the table. As long as we don’t depend on others and we work for ourselves, it’s alright. Let us be responsible workers anyway. (May God Bless us poor folks!)

Is it worth working a part-time job? Definitely, if there are holes on your pocket. Are you ready to work on a second job after your regular job? Well, it depends on your available time. In my experience, I worked my part-time on weekends and on holidays. Sometimes I worked on them when I came home from work. I was lucky to work on a free time and yeah, under less pressure too.

A part-time job is worth if you can handle it. One ex-workmate had only few hours of sleep because he was doing part-time web design after work till three in the morning. Another ex-workmate too got angry at our superiors because he was made to work overtime without being informed beforehand. That mean he had to report late for his second job.
one time, a workmate got told off by our manager for answering a call from his part-time job.

The success of a part-time job depends on the amount of available time you have, the resources you can afford, the effort you can muster and on your capability to balance your work and personal life.

However it is worthless if you give up family time and recreation just to work on your second job. It is worthless if you no longer go to church (if you do so) and hang out with friends because you have part-time to do. It would be worse if you give up  your spiritual and emotional nourishment for your financial pursuit. This can render us workaholic in the wrong way. Do not forsake your family or friends or God for money.

Part-time jobs help supplement the income. They are good back-up if we lose our regular jobs or if we get laid off from work. We would not have to worry about being out of work for a long time. But let it not consume much of your free time which you could have spent with your family and friends and to meditate and reflect.

Your regular job and your part-time are both essential to provide you your living. Perform them well.

P.S. Right now, I have no part-time because my laptop refused to function and I have no additional bucks to buy a new one. with no second job, I now have time to do physical activity, visit places and take naps on my days-off. had my laptop worked, I would have locked myself in my room for most of the weekends. But I am short of cash (as I always am) and would love to work a second job again so I can buy a new laptop.



  1. I’ve always had a part-time job, in the form of a side business that I could run from home (or self-employed). I’ve done anything from delivering catalogues, to telesales, to mystery shopping, to door-to-door sales.

    Main key to having a part-time job, so that it doesn’t drain you, is to try to make it flexible in terms of time. If your part-time hours are flexible, you can make it fit around your life, not the other way around.

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