The Curtain Reopens

First, a welcome…

I have been a web content and article writer for a BPO company based in a Philippine city for over three years now, but until now, I have no portfolio to my name. If I lack such, how can I back up my credentials or support my expertise? For this reason, I decided to create this blog. I hope I can sustain this because this is my second WordPress blog. I deleted my first (and I also deleted my posts in MySpace and Soulcast to start anew in blogging).

I have no special talents. I cannot sing. I cannot dance. I cannot play instruments. I have no charm, and I am anti-social. This gift of writing which the Good Lord has bestowed upon me, I feel guilty for not making good use out of it. And for many times I abuse and misuse it.

The punishment? Carpal tunnel syndrome.

The proper function of man is to live, not to exist. – Jack London

At high school, I found out writing is not only a gift but also a tool to support a living. Back at school, I wrote for a few bucks to support a few needs and to start saving for the future. You now know I write for a living.

I write so that the words in my head won’t rust. I write to cherish certain people, to immortalize events, to release emotions, to increase my hope and faith, to live up my aspirations for the future, to support my sanity, and more importantly, I write so that I can have something to read.

In short, I write to express, not to impress.

Disclaimer: I am only an ordinary content and article writer. Aside from doing a full-time job, I also accept part-time work, but I suspended my part-time writing activities for a while because I no longer have a laptop. I am just one of the unfortunate individuals who endure both carpal tunnel syndrome and writer’s block. I do not belong to any professional bloggers society or any writing groups. I have no mentors too.

I write because it is the only thing I can do. And yes, I write because I need to support my expertise.

Another important thing why I write is to love the gift of writing.

I write to share a few things to you.

Because after all, I write to live.

I want to serve society by writing.



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